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How Do You Use Social Media? A Guide To Establishing Your Online

"I'm not joining Facebook!" Well, that's what I exclaimed when I first was introduced to the social network. Eventually, I decided to join anyway. I didn't want to join because I thought it was a government ploy to trap people and gain access to their information. I thought of it like it was literally "The World Wide Web", so to speak. I took it literally. However, now I realize that it is an open Wilderness for business opportunity and self-sufficiency. Anyone can share their deepest most personal thoughts and opinions... 'Comment', 'Like', and 'Share'; This is the objective and is what keeps a businesses SEO, or a persons popularity with fans, or even making new friends who can be potential future business contacts. Sharing your ideas generating response from users that are interested in your opinions. Commenting, Liking and Sharing as you go throughout your day. The main objective is to Share your interests and Share and com…

Why Do People Love To Travel?


     Vacation!!! When I hear that word I get this tingle of excitment that makes my heart patter. I love vacations!!! Not just to 'get out the house' either. When I go on vacation It's usually a spontaneous effort.
     So spontaneous that Its almost Never planned. I'm talking about at least a two day notice. For a decision on where to go, and to make the necessary arrangements. I'm usually gone for an average of five to seven days, and I usually take a few members of my family for company.
     Also, Its about once a year depending on what I feel like at the time the decision is made to go. Like the time I took my family to Las Vegas, Nevada. We had so much fun that we actually moved there. So we could be closer to the things that made our wonderful vacation as fun as it was.
     Yep! We moved here all right. It was the perfect place to settle and use as a "Permanent Vacation" Spot, so-to-speak. Everything a person could enj…

Create & Generate Great Posters To Strengthen Your Brand

Creating a personal Brand should be high on the To- Do list of Every business owner and entrepreneur. Or for everyone that wants to establish their individuality. Creating your Brand doesn't have to be a difficult process nor does it have to take a very long time to do either.

     Anyway, the longer it takes the more likely you are to make a crucial mistake by 're-thinking' and 're-doing' an already perfect 'poster project.
    These posters of myself that I've created solely by selecting a format and choosing old pictues from facebook... Viola... I have a few cool posters that I can share... The convenient thing about these 'pre-selected' templates is that some come with cute and wise sayings and motivational quotes guaranteed to attract the attention of bussinesses of 'like-mindedness' which makes your networking and marketing of yourself, your business and of course your Brand a whole lot easier to present.
    Its true that the eas…

Looking For Empowered Women and Men!

Sell Avon- Join My Team Today!!!
   I love avon! I have been in the Avon Business for a year now, and my mother was an Avon Lady before me years ago... I guess that makes me a 2nd Generation Avon Lady. I have grown accustomed to treating myself good and experimenting with the makeup, beauty and skincare products that we offer. 
   I like to encouraging people that I meet to start treating themselves good if they don't already. By speaking with them about my concerns that I may have with my own skin, and what I use to to repair fix of cover any blemishes that I have at the time. Sometimes directly 'pointing out' my issues... That usually opens the door for further conversation and for me to make suggestions with their skin and skin care issues. 

Ultimately leading to a solution to their concerns. Gives me an opportunity to chat with them about other personal issues as well. I consider myself to be well grounded and experienced. My consultations are usually welcomed with open h…

It's Trippy Tuesday! A Great Day... Not So Bad Afterall!

It's Trippy Tuesday! Everyday we go through a multitude of feelings sometimes experiencing several feelings as a response to daily life challenges. Moreover, throughout an average day we are expected to 'just deal with them' hahahaha! To some it comes easy, for others it doesn't.
     Trippy Tuesdays are one way to share our weird experiences and talk about 'What Trips Us Out'. We can actually share our crazy moments on a whole host of social media forums. I like Snapchat as a great platform to get those 'spontaneous' trippy moments out there on this roller coaster called life! When you share your posts spuce them up to make Yourself Proud!
     Getting a little laughter in is the objective. The end results are usually hilarious. Leaving a smile on not only yoyr face but the viewers as well. 😀 Have Fun and Have a Great Trippy Tuesday!

#trippytuesdayz #trippy #tuesday #emotions #letstalkaboutthem #howareyoufeeling #howareyou #snapchat #facebook #li…

My Personal Opinion: Concerned With The State Of Humankind

Tupac said it best when asked how he feels being a rich man in this world... He said something to this effect. "I'm very uncomfortable... How can I be comfortable"?  There's No way in the world people should be starving to death when there are other people like Donald Trump sitting on $billions and trillions of dollars and comfortable in their own skin.

My opinion is... If rich people REALLY 'parted with their wealth', beginning in their own communities working 'outward', then an impact can be made.
Also stepping away from this, to something else, but has the same importance, if people would stop being 'carnal', or stop putting themselves in danger their will be no poverty...
The problem lies with the understanding that "people don't know their own value and act like animals...
Let me explain... Men and women alike behave as though they 'cannot' wait to have sex. The results of having Sexual intercourse are pregnancy. In other…

Mother's Day Weekend 2016 At Floyd Lamb Park

Today was a great day. To begin with, all of my children were with me which is rare in general. Since they are all adults and have families and children of their own. It's rare in any case that we are all in one place at the same time. We had lots of fun at Floyd Lamb Park here in Las Vegas, Nevada. The animation is a collection of original photos that I took as Mother's Day 2016 progressed.
     But first I will share with you the gifts that I received from my children. Robert gave me a dozen red roses and some money. Monique took me out... Twice, Jasmine and Jamal and Monique chipped in to buy four planters, four packages of yellow flower seeds, (Gladiolas, Zinnia and two packages of two different breeds of Marigolds), a pair of new gardening gloves, a shovel and two large bags of soil, right on time for Spring. I wasted no time and sowed them right away. It seems like God was watching me  because it rained immediately after my chore was completed. I left the pots outsi…