Tuesday, July 25, 2017

10 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

The ten things that you probably don't know about me.

  1. I was a premature baby.  Born by cesarean section. My mother had a tubaligation before was born but somehow managed to slip through and voila!
  2. I am the youngest of 9, 2 brothers and 6 sisters. But I grew up with only 3 of them, the others were in Jamaica West Indies. 
  3. I had a little brother but he died at the age of 3, he was developmentally disabled. 
  4. I was a janitor with the LA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT before I transferred work classification to become a special education assistant taking a $500 pay cut just so I can be at home when my children got home from school. That sucked because I had to move from the place was living... couldn't afford it any longer. My four children and I had to live with my sister and her five kids before moving back home with my dad. 
  5. I gave up my apartment and left my children's father to move in with my mother when I found out that she was terminally ill with breast cancer.  My babies father didn't want me to go to her because of his indifference with my mom. I wasn't about to let him control when I saw my mother.  So I left him, gave up my apartment taking a penalty and disqualification from Section 8 and never reapplied. 
  6. I suffered from asthma my entire life. Had a 3.5 centimeter menengioma, which is benign brain tumor that could have led to blindness or death if it wasn't removed.  I subsequently had it removed a year after it's discovery.  The result was that I began to have seizures.  The seizures lasted for approximately six (6) years, when suddenly on July 4th, 2012, I had my last one. I haven't had another one since then.  Miracle of miracles. I am free of seizures to this day. 
  7. I have not been back to work because my medical records State that I'm a liability risk due to the rate of seizure activity in my past. They were occurring quite frequently. Like once every two weeks or once a month. 
  8. I was playing with a gun that my children's father had brought home one day, perhaps to intimidate me,  (He was abusive), Trying to be brave, and behave as though I wasn't intimidated by a weapon being brought into my home, I put the gun to my head and pulled the trigger.  The gun clicked,  then I took the gun away from my head, pointed it at the closet and pulled the trigger and it fired,  leaving a nice sized hole in the closet door. I opened up my bedroom door to see my little kids standing there crying... all I can say niw is " Lord have mercy,  Thank You Father God..."
  9. All of my children are grown, three of them have two children each.  My youngest son doesn't have any yet. 
  10. I am leaving a legacy for my children, grand children and great grand children to remember me. By leaving an account of my life... Writing it down, online,  offline, everywhere... on facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Muck Rack, Minds, Tumbler, On my blog, everywhere I csn think of to create an account, even on a few websites and working on a few projects. Not to mention working with World Peace Promoting Helpless People Organization NGO West Bengal and Pune. Wpphporg.org is a charitable organization  that has two locations based in India. and the other in Working with them as Mentor, Lead Secretary and Bookkeeping/Accounting.  I used to be a musician but now I just write about the music of others. Writing Music Reviews for Unsigned, Underground and Unheard recording artists.

 When people hear about my life,  they sometimes don't believe me.  But this just goes to show that your destiny is not written unless you write it. Also that,  with faith and perseverance, anything is possible. People Go through trials and tribulations.  All these things do is make you stronger.
I could tell you this much,  getting through problems such as in health and relationships, it helps to have the support of close friends and family members.  The love and support that I recieved along my journey along with the protection of what I know to be a higher being and more than likely a whole lot of prayers.  I made it through the storms of my life and came out better than I was before.

Linda Dawkins aka Lindadz89
CEO, Author, Blogger, Direct Response Digital Marketer,  Executive Administrative Assistant. Mother, Grand Mother, Survivor   

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