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How does CPA work?
Depending on the company and also the type of contract, CPA works in many ways. The general method is the same: the traffic sees your ad for your company on a website, then clicks on it, and is redirected to your site.
To buy this traffic you can use three ways. One is to pay per click, one is to pay per page visit, and another is to pay only when the traffic is able to make a sale. There is also the provision of paying a flat rate which will include a certain number of ads to be displayed. You can also pay to book certain places for the ads, for example Google’s recommended ad spots.
Benefits of CPA
One benefit is that it includes website traffic, and there is high possibility that the traffic would purchase your service. What you have to do is to pay per click, and you even have control where your advertisements are going to be placed. In most cases you can actually choose the style of your ad and the way it will function. This definitely helps to make sure that your ad gets proper definition and justice.
You have to remember that you have to pay per click. Often people click these ads out of curiosity, resulting in quite an expense for the advertiser. So you should make sure that the ads that you will put are the perfect ones for your particular website so that the people who will click are mostly interested in buying your service or product.
These can be done in two ways- you can spend some time thinking about which websites to choose to host your ads. Or you can implement it the other way round, by determining the types of ads first which will then attract the particular kind of traffic what you wanted.

The bottom line you need to send the correct traffic to the correct offers, there are even offer that have no incentive so by people just clicking on a offer You will get payed.
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