Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Black Tortoise Dagger

The Black Tortoise Dagger

This dagger's handle is embellished with the Symbolic Black Tortoise. The Black Tortoise corresponds to the season of Winter. The element of the Black Tortoise is Water, and it is commonly asciociated with longevity and wisdom. Such as is generally asciociated with the tortoise.

A Western View

Most Western Stories dragons are regarded as evil, dangerous, and are considered to have "dark roles". Like breathing fire that destroys villages, cities and towns. But in China, the dragons role and symbolism has a totally different meaning. These powerful, mythical and benevolent creatures are the forebear of good tidings.

Some Interesting Facts

The dragon is one of the 12 signs of the Chinese Zodiac.
Emperors  in ancient China were attributed to being "the Sons Of Dragons"
They are symbols of Luck and Fortune
They are the Most common tattoos tatted on strong people
They don't have wings but can fly
They don't breath fire but are commonly known for causing rain
They live in the bottoms of lakes, seas, rivers, ponds etc.

Here's A Short History

Chinese people are the descendants of Yannick and Huangdi; both legendary tribal leaders. Yandi- who was born by his mother's telepathy and a Great Mysterious dragon.. Dragon meanso unrelenting and pioneering, and there are a number of Legends concerning where the dragon came from. In China, dragons can be seen on buildings, clothing, and jewelries.  

The Nine Sons of the Chinese Dragon

There are nine sons of the Chinese Dragon.  Each having their own history and story to tell. Their significances are told in stories from generation to generation. All stories having meaning and moral values once learned.
Qiuniu, Yazi, Chao Feng, Pulao, Suanni, Bixi, PΓ­an, Fuxi, and Chiwen


There are many items and collectibles that are available for purchase online and otherwise. Having one to display is a plus in any home. The dragons relation to fengshui is  powerful and auspicious. It is a strong symbol for Yang or male energy. It is basic for traditional fengshui cures. A pearl in its claws symbolizes wealth, power, and an abundance of opportunities. 

Why Write On The Great Wall of China?

I read today that an NBA Player scratched his signature into the Great Wall of China. The Chinese people are now rightfully outraged as ait seems to be a gesture of ill will.

 Even though something as small as a signature can decide another's fate, it appears that some take it for granted and feel that they can "litterally" leave their "mark" on the world. NBA Player Vandalized Great Wall With Signature, Chinese People Are Outraged

Why The Great Wall?
Why the Great Wall? I don't know... The Great Wall is over a thousand years old and is the Longest and Largest Historical Landmark in the modern World. What would someone, even a famous someone, feel that it was "alright" to scribble their name on it.

As though it were a wishing well of some sort. There just so happens to be some very intriguing, interesting and sad facts regarding the Great Wall not to mention how many lives were lost in the making of this Landmark. The bottom line is that it's precious.  The NBA Player had no right to deface such an object, and he should be held accountable for degrading it's value in any means.
Who cares if he was famous. It doesn't matter because it was uncalled for... Heck, he might as well have took some spray paint to it... the damage is just that precarious and just plain stupidity.  I'm not saying that in a nice way either.

I hope that the People of China at least try not to fault All Westerners for this disaster. Some of us are empathetic towards this sort of insult like me. Sometimes apologies are Not enough...

Monday, October 10, 2016

From Linda With Love

From Linda With Love

When the going gets the tough get going... I've heard many interpretations of this. But the best one being; "There are many crisis' that we will face along our own individual paths, that will bring us to our lowest of lows. However, The Way is clear to those who possess the tenacity and perseverance to endure to the end and complete those crises rising to the highest of highs. Where there's  a will there's a way." I dont know who said that,that. It makes sense that we are given these tests for a reason. Our Strength comes from The Lord. We all have our own personal strengths and weaknesses. The pefecting and realisation of  this helps to speed up those certain plans for our lives to be in the positions to move forward. This is my Monday Morning Message. From Me to You.

Linda πŸ’‹

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

It Was A Dream An Empowerment Poem By: Linda Dawkins

It was a dream...

Within That moment that I stepped across thresholds and decided to give myself that day.   
To a man that tried to show me that he was capable of proving that he loved me.  I felt as though all my fears of being alone were swept away.
 Never once he gave me reason to ever doubt his love for me.  
Just continued to be that friend of mine whose friendship I can see. 
So I awoke with a smile on my face because I knew it was not real. 
That the person I was so fond of, would ever consider how I'd feel. 
To be left alone with no one there to stand firmly by my side. 
Turns out that this person gave plenty reasons to pack all my things, turn tail, and hide. 
So I thought again once more to myself, thinking this must be some cruel joke. 
That even though I stand alone just maybe what I feel is the effect of a heart that's broke.
It seems that I am well aware that there's a plan for me. 
With so much love and blessings from above, if I could let it be. 
So here I am just thankful for the person that I am.
To recieve cruel and evil treatment and Still able to say I Can.
10-04-2016 -lindadz89

Monday, October 3, 2016

Here's another link it's to Techademics Online Marketing Learning Center. Techademics Register Free HereWhich is free to register. Which gets a Big Plus+ from me for Access...  I have been focusing on this one more. However the Digital Altitude and Aspire online course is a More Superior Forum,  Inexpensive and becuse they have the most complete, fast, convenient and up to date online marketing training offered to users online. These methods are working for online marketers like myself. If you were trying to get into the online network marketing and dugital marketing arena of home based work, I would direct you to these two places first. Get your feet wet in Tecademics first then when you're  Ready to learn more Digital Altitude. If you think you already could keep up then jump right in to Digital Altitude at this link. Digital Altitude Referral Link

I am sharing this information because it works for me and it's for everyone who dreamed about making money online or never have made money online. It's at your sole discretion. I leave it up to you to decide what to do. The sooner you begin the sooner you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. All you need is a device to get online with, smartphone, tablet, lap top or desk top computer, access to the internet and a will to learn and share great content. 
Here's To Your Successful Journey Upward!

Best Regards,
Linda Dawkins
Direct Response Digital Marketer. 
Las Vegas, Nevada 89169

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Staying Focused

"Staying Focused...
There are a million and one angles to look at any object but only one way to completely understand.

 A work of art undiscovered is equal to a stiffled cry in the night.

 With that said, Don't live life waiting for things to happen...

  Success is driven, and a million people want to drive."
-Linda Dawkins
by poetry

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Good Morining Friends I'm just waking up this morning and I'm not quite ready to snap a new selfie So I will share A Pencil Sketch selfie that's 3yrs. old. That I created using an app that I no longer use. Writing about the topic Pencil Sketch will be challenging. So I'm going to organize a new poetry contest. Whoever wins, gets to come with me, ( Courtesy of my Good Friends #BeatsByDre), to 2016 The Bad Boys Reunion Tour at The MGM GRAND on October 1st. Where you will see all the greatest legends in Hip Hop. Especially the ones that STARTED the Underground Hip Hop Music Movement!!!

Ok, Lets get to it, the contest rules go a little bit like this. The topic of your poetry should center around the phrase "Pencil Sketch" and should;

1.) be a minimum of 36- lines in duration.

2.) No music accompaniment is necessary but if you want to get a creative go for it.

3.) No profanity. It should be readible for All to enjoy.

4.)No offensive jargon.

5.)be centered around A PENCIL SKETCH.

Winner will be selected prior to the event. Contest is open to everyone. However, the winner selected MUST BE OVER. 21yrs. Of Age. For obvious reasons. Besides the fact that This Is Vegas Baby!!!
All contestants will have their poetry published on three of my websites. Submit a photo of yourself and your poetry submission for review at: pencilsketchcontestinfo@gmail.com pencilsketchcontestinfo@gmail.com

I'm looking forward to selecting a winner and attending The Bad Boy Reunion Tour!

Good Luck!!!
Linda Dawkins
Pencil Sketch Poetry Contest Organizer and Director of Operations.
Las Vegas, Nevada

Monday, September 26, 2016



Becoming a Tecademics Ambassador!
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Our philosophy is; "To serve instead of sell."
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Simply fill out the necessary information. We will walk you through each step once you are inside. From there, the sky’s the limit. Fill out the form and let your Tecademics journey begin! 
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Saturday, July 2, 2016


How does CPA work?
Depending on the company and also the type of contract, CPA works in many ways. The general method is the same: the traffic sees your ad for your company on a website, then clicks on it, and is redirected to your site.
To buy this traffic you can use three ways. One is to pay per click, one is to pay per page visit, and another is to pay only when the traffic is able to make a sale. There is also the provision of paying a flat rate which will include a certain number of ads to be displayed. You can also pay to book certain places for the ads, for example Google’s recommended ad spots.
Benefits of CPA
One benefit is that it includes website traffic, and there is high possibility that the traffic would purchase your service. What you have to do is to pay per click, and you even have control where your advertisements are going to be placed. In most cases you can actually choose the style of your ad and the way it will function. This definitely helps to make sure that your ad gets proper definition and justice.
You have to remember that you have to pay per click. Often people click these ads out of curiosity, resulting in quite an expense for the advertiser. So you should make sure that the ads that you will put are the perfect ones for your particular website so that the people who will click are mostly interested in buying your service or product.
These can be done in two ways- you can spend some time thinking about which websites to choose to host your ads. Or you can implement it the other way round, by determining the types of ads first which will then attract the particular kind of traffic what you wanted.

The bottom line you need to send the correct traffic to the correct offers, there are even offer that have no incentive so by people just clicking on a offer You will get payed.
I personally use Cpalead and you can register for Register on CPAlead for free here

         CPAGrip Publishers Referral Service

Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Profound Message On Domestic Violence Awareness: "Keep Your Hands To Yourself" A GerMarFar Production Music Review

What an Excellent message! "Keep Your Hands To Yourself" is an excellent warning to all predators that commit violent acts to family members is Not tolerated anymore. People aren't closing their windows and shutting their blinds to the sounds of victims screams for help. The Law and the courts are far from lienient in fact.

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence:
* 20 people per minute are physically abused by their partner totaling 10 million women and men in the United States.
* 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men has been victimized by an intimate partner in their lifetime.
* Every day more than 20,000 calls are placed two hotlines Nationwide.
* Domestic violence accounts for 15% of all violent crimes.
* Only 34% of people who are injured by their Partners receive medical care for their injuries.
The Statistics are Staggering. "Keep Hour Hands To Yourself" speaks of many aspects of what can happen. The message is Loud and Clear. Harm someone, You'll pay. With your freedom that is. Commit Domestic Violence; Your "...looking at a 5 year bid." As the lead vocalists states. In some states the term may vary. As more places are becoming strict with offenders. The law is harsh on criminals and its well deserved. However, the song enlightens the subject whuch was formerly 'Tabu' in a lot of ways. Bringing light and addresses concerns that were once thought of as 'none of your business' and 'put a lid on' and silence.

The vocalists

Listen To Keep Your Hands 2 Yourself

* 19.3 million women and 5.1 million men in the US has been stalked.
* 60.8% of female stalking victims and 43.5% of Men reported being stalked by a current or former intimate partner.
* 1 in 5 women and 1 in 71 men have been raped.
* Almost half of female 46.7% and in Male 44.9% said they were raped by an acquaintance.
* In a study 20% of victims were not the victims of domestic violence but we're friends, family members, Neighbors, persons who intervene, law enforcement responder, or bystander.
* 72% of all murders suicides involve an intimate partner.
* 94% of the victims of these murder suicides are female
Listen to "Keep Your Hands To Yourself" A Germarf

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Internet Detox - The World in a Clam Shell.

Internet Detox. Is it possible?
 Back in the day, it was so easy to just write a letter or pick up a rotary telephone and dial a neighbor a friend perhaps even my mother on the telephone. However, today we have the internet... (duh duh duhhh).

Now Telephones and Television are pretty much obsolete with the coming of cell phones and Android phones, tablets and computers that combine the two. Making communication a lot easier. To get through to someone else one simply can message them or email or text and once what you would have to wait for you don't. The wait doesn't matter nor the time for that matter. Because it will take a matter of seconds to get through to whomever you want to communicate with.

   Now in an instant you can know the answer to your questions with little or no physical research performed. No library visit...(former information highway). The Internet has all the answers to everything. Moreover, your questions and all the other Possible questions on your search topic, that you perhaps would have thought of are Anticipated AND Answered and If there were no answers, you'd automatically get referred to a place that CAN give the answer.

    modern technology.
   Due to an overlapse, I became four months past due from paying my bill which ultimately caused my internet to be turned off. The ordeal lasted for a lengthy 4 days. During which time I suffered a great deal in business and friendly relations. However, It was peaceful which was a blessing. I got to spend more time with my family. Children and grandchildren included.

   I actually listened to their questions and since we didn't have cable in the first place we actually used Netflix and SlingTV to view our favorite shows on television. So when the internet went off we were without TV for the entire four days. We really had a chance to sit down and actually hear questions that were being asked.
   What is internet detox? Its forcibly going without the conveniences of the internet.  A perfect 'anti-toxin', (so to speak). Some people have tried it... For longer periods... However, I couldn't wait any longer then 4 days. It was a long enough period of time. But time well spent!

    I remembered writing instead of typing or entering as we do it on a cell phone. I was writing notes down and when it came to video I did reports About a video saved on my phone. The point is I had to REALLY work.
Presently I am uploading video to YouTube and I glad that the use of the internets conveniences are back at the 'click of a button'. These moments with and without internet are precious. The family got a chance to be together. Actually be together. Actually hear each other because we realize to prioritize whats in front of our eyes. The World in a Clam shell.

Afraid To Be Loved: An Empowerment Poem

You don't know what you put me through. 
leading me on the way you do.
I thought you cared but obviously thats not true.
married six years and now you think its a mistake.
How can you be so undecisive?
How can you be so cruel? How can you focus on playing me for the fool?
To take my love for granted, then play it so cool. 
Then tell me that you never wanted or needed me. Where is the time and place I SHOULD be.
Then you moved out on a whim. Said you couldn't be with me anymore...
As soon as you left. I was at peace again. Living a lie was too hurtful. No shameful...
Several months pass by. You are still living that lie. Inviting me over for "secret rendevous" and share things only you and I share, yet cannot give me a kiss 'good night'. 
You seem to be living it up. Living a 'free-mans' life even though you are not. Calling it cheating is fair. I saw you chatting with a girl. You shared intimate photos with her of your privacy. Telling her that you can't wait to see her again, yet are sleeping in my bed. 
You are tied by paper and by vows. 
"To love, honor, cherish and obey... in sickness and in health... til death do us part..." Remember that? 
You say it was a mistake... On YOUR part. But how can you know it was a mistake, unless, you didn't mean it in the first place? 
Then there's that unanswered question of Why would you make life-altering decisions based on what you can get from me? 
I gave you everything. Every part of me... 
when I had nothing left to give, you had a change of heart. You took me for granted, and  closer is what I need.
Months have passed, now you moved back home. Living like nothing has happened... 
What do you expect me to do?
 I say "lets have a divorce..." you say, "We can't afford it..." I know thats a luxury we can't afford... I'm telling you now that
I cannot live a lie. I cannot waste my time, and I cannot cry at night because my heart is too happy. 
I know there is someone out there who loves me more than you ever could. 
I know someone would hug me and kiss me the way you never would. Someone would treat me like I'm the only woman in the world, and someone who is not afraid to loved.
By Linda Dawkins

Friday, June 17, 2016

One, Two, Skip A Few 99, One Hundred

 Got a lot to be concerned with?
 Is Trouble brewing in your kitchen?
 The Grass was a murky yellow and not as Green' as you Thought it would be? 
Well, Welcome to reality... 
Its true what they say about 'reality'; and that is that "It Bites".
 You know. 
Yeah, it sure does
 and Nobody expects to NOT have to feel it... those teeth... You know the ones.
 Unless, they don't give a damn and your living life as it comes to you. 

By Linda Dawkins

Monday, June 6, 2016

What's The Clear Choice? Relationship Issues

     When your estranged husband 'temporaily' moves out, repeatedly calls you over to where he stays for sex. Moves back home cause of trouble where he was. Then suddenly begins to play the role of husband after 'convincing' himself for Months, that he's single and pretending that he's not married for months, Almost cheats, (so he says). Strings 'desperate' girls along, but wants sex from you, wants you to cook, wants you to clean, wants you to braid his hair, wants you to wash his cloths, rub his feet and do ALL the wifey things that you've BEEN doing all along but wasn't appreciated for.
     He Goes out on dates, has intimate conversation with them. Gets into precarious positions with his dates, by sharing nude and semi-nude photos to unsuspecting girls, AND his estranged wife... all while making plans to move in and roommate with two another guys and says its because he can't 'bring someone', (a girl), to the house that your staying in cause you won't allow it. But STILL asks you for 'intimate' pleasures and tries to hide his desire for you from other household family members that still respect him and expect different behaviour. What Is 'The Clear Choice'?

'Having 'mercy' is a Godly trait.'

     The Mix playing in the background says it all. The video, shows a ladybug 'spotted' VW that represents the 'a so-called' relationship. The Smiley bag represents the fact that 'Life Goes On'. The other vehicles represent BIGGER and BETTER things in store after the 'Bug Leaves The Lot'. Remember, everything happens for a Reason, all in its Due Season. What are your opinions on this matter?

If you liked what you have read, go ahead and give it a 'like', if not comment your reasoning as to what You think is The Clear Choice. πŸ˜„ I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

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Best Wishes,
Linda Dawkins

Monday, May 30, 2016

How Do You Use Social Media? A Guide To Establishing Your Online


 "I'm not joining Facebook!" Well, that's what I exclaimed when I first was introduced to the social network. Eventually, I decided to join anyway. I didn't want to join because I thought it was a government ploy to trap people and gain access to their information. I thought of it like it was literally "The World Wide Web", so to speak. I took it literally. However, now I realize that it is an open Wilderness for business opportunity and self-sufficiency. Anyone can share their deepest most personal thoughts and opinions... 'Comment', 'Like', and 'Share'; This is the objective and is what keeps a businesses SEO, or a persons popularity with fans, or even making new friends who can be potential future business contacts. Sharing your ideas generating response from users that are interested in your opinions. Commenting, Liking and Sharing as you go throughout your day. The main objective is to Share your interests and Share and comment on others posts. But How Do You Use Social Media?

What's my purpose? Do I have a Brand yet? What message am I conveying? Are the things I have to say important? Can people relate to my opinion? How can I keep up with what's Trending in the areas of interest to me and others? 

These are just a few of the things you have got to consider when sharing on a social network. What IS your purpose? Do you have one? Most people just join a social network just to join, but they really don't have a reason why. At first it may seem like a cool thing to do and a cooler place to make friends and share some stuff. But then you will have to consider what exactly are you saying. Are you just posting your thoughts and feelings, when people see your posts do they just 'scroll' by and you don't get 'likes'. This can happen you know, and some people get discouraged from the 'lack of contact' and 'response'. Or it could have a negative impact and you begin to receive wired contacts who really don't have anything better to do but 'chat' all day. If you want to call That The World Wide Web you can. Beware of Perverts... They are Rampant.  And they take up valuable time and Space. Meaning 'your friendslists' can get filled with the wrong , that can take up space and they can Really Piss you off.

Note: You are allowed 5,000 friends on Facebook and unlimited followers. Unlike Google+ in which you can have unlimited friends, followers and contacts. 

Now that you have a General Idea of how, why and what to post, How can you maintain your account? Your answers are in the link below. πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Inside you will find a Social Media Strategy Template that can help you start and maintain your social media accounts.

 Having the right content can put you in a really good place! Having a good idea can make you rich or better yet give you A Purpose. But try not to 'overload' yourself. It can happen, and That's why we have Social Media Managers. They help with accounts that get 'Too Much To Handle' eg. Fan Pages for recording artists or High Profile pages for 'big businesses'. Helps with their maneuvering and with establishing actual relationships with fans, consumers and clients.

Where Do I Start?

So Where does a person start anyway? Especially if they Already have social media accounts but either neglected or let get out of hand. Well, first off you have to 'log on' to your account at least once per week. Make time for your posts. Post at least 10 interesting posts per day. That are open ended, Photos of beautiful places, business opportunities that you are curious about and trivia. Its just like medicine. Keep taking it you get better! The Next Step is to Amplify Your Content. Which you can do with This guide.

A complete insiders guide to content creation. Something All social media venture rs need now. It will help you to get a better understanding of how to attract the Right viewers and Right contacts. Contacts that are like-minded and that you don't have to struggle to gain attention from because they are looking for you and you won't have to chase them down to communicate with them. They'll come to you. 

What's the big deal about Sharing?

Ever hear that old Adage that goes "SHARING IS CARING"? Well, let me tell you now that it Is... Sharing is 60% of social media... Its how businesses advertise their business and how new recording artists get their music heard. Also how posts go viral. It gets people all over the world, literally to the "front door" of your business. How would you like to have a business with no customers or clientele? You wouldn't have a business... Moreover, you would have mo purpose for doing what you do if nobody sees or hears your work. So make sure you share your posts and the posts of your clients and potential clients also your friends and acquaintances. Commenting as necessary and as needed whenever you feel the urge. That's how to establish a presence and the first step in Marketing your Amazing Ideas and Great Content in 5 Easy Steps! Check out this 'Infographic'...

Here are some links that can help with Getting your ideas out. With these Awesome techniques, Self-Education can Still be one of the best ways to learn and That applies to social media and sharing your content and posts. 

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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Why Do People Love To Travel?


     Vacation!!! When I hear that word I get this tingle of excitment that makes my heart patter. I love vacations!!! Not just to 'get out the house' either. When I go on vacation It's usually a spontaneous effort.
     So spontaneous that Its almost Never planned. I'm talking about at least a two day notice. For a decision on where to go, and to make the necessary arrangements. I'm usually gone for an average of five to seven days, and I usually take a few members of my family for company.
     Also, Its about once a year depending on what I feel like at the time the decision is made to go. Like the time I took my family to Las Vegas, Nevada. We had so much fun that we actually moved there. So we could be closer to the things that made our wonderful vacation as fun as it was.
     Yep! We moved here all right. It was the perfect place to settle and use as a "Permanent Vacation" Spot, so-to-speak. Everything a person could enjoy on a vacation is here... I suppose that We just wanted to be closer to the action.
Now, when I think about 'Our Journey', I recall all the "real" fun and the laughs that we had on our way. Both trips to Vegas from Los Angeles, California, there and back and our relocation trip to Vegas were an experience that neither I my children or husband will ever forget.
     Not everything went according to plan and there were a few inevitable mishaps that occurred that were Bound to happen. Perhaps its because we didn't really have any prime directive, meet up a plan, or an agenda. In fact, once we arrived, we split up because we all had separate interests. It was kind of hard to get organised. When it came time to leave, we had to look for each other and some of us didn't get to do what we wanted. Another reason we moved out here. In any case, it was fun nonetheless. 'Things Happen...'
     It was Really fun on our way, in between and on our way back to L.A. Who knows, where our next vacation will be. But I Do know that the time that we spent on journeys together as a family were the mist valuable and I wouldn't trade that experience for anything. The bonding was special and reinforced our relationship as a family together. ❤

"The reason why people love to travel, its not in order to reach the desitination but to enjoy the pleasures of the journey."

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Create & Generate Great Posters To Strengthen Your Brand

     Creating a personal Brand should be high on the To- Do list of Every business owner and entrepreneur. Or for everyone that wants to establish their individuality. Creating your Brand doesn't have to be a difficult process nor does it have to take a very long time to do either.

     Anyway, the longer it takes the more likely you are to make a crucial mistake by 're-thinking' and 're-doing' an already perfect 'poster project.
    These posters of myself that I've created solely by selecting a format and choosing old pictues from facebook... Viola... I have a few cool posters that I can share... The convenient thing about these 'pre-selected' templates is that some come with cute and wise sayings and motivational quotes guaranteed to attract the attention of bussinesses of 'like-mindedness' which makes your networking and marketing of yourself, your business and of course your Brand a whole lot easier to present.
    Its true that the easiest sense to target is the vision. The relationships that develope after that depend on your continued efforts on keeping ones attention by stimulating the sight.
Pick great photos that draw attention to the eyes and that have 'lingering' statements that make people think. Download the app from the Google Playstore, its compatible with all your devices and its quite useful!

You Can Do It Too!!!

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

It's Trippy Tuesday! A Great Day... Not So Bad Afterall!

     It's Trippy Tuesday! Everyday we go through a multitude of feelings sometimes experiencing several feelings as a response to daily life challenges. Moreover, throughout an average day we are expected to 'just deal with them' hahahaha! To some it comes easy, for others it doesn't.
     Trippy Tuesdays are one way to share our weird experiences and talk about 'What Trips Us Out'. We can actually share our crazy moments on a whole host of social media forums. I like Snapchat as a great platform to get those 'spontaneous' trippy moments out there on this roller coaster called life! When you share your posts spuce them up to make Yourself Proud!
     Getting a little laughter in is the objective. The end results are usually hilarious. Leaving a smile on not only yoyr face but the viewers as well. πŸ˜€ Have Fun and Have a Great Trippy Tuesday!

#trippytuesdayz #trippy #tuesday #emotions #letstalkaboutthem #howareyoufeeling #howareyou #snapchat #facebook #linkedin #pinterest #periscopetv #livestream #youtube #vimeo #twitter

Sunday, May 22, 2016

My Personal Opinion: Concerned With The State Of Humankind

Tupac said it best when asked how he feels being a rich man in this world... He said something to this effect. "I'm very uncomfortable... How can I be comfortable"?  There's No way in the world people should be starving to death when there are other people like Donald Trump sitting on $billions and trillions of dollars and comfortable in their own skin.

My opinion is... If rich people REALLY 'parted with their wealth', beginning in their own communities working 'outward', then an impact can be made.
Also stepping away from this, to something else, but has the same importance, if people would stop being 'carnal', or stop putting themselves in danger their will be no poverty...
The problem lies with the understanding that "people don't know their own value and act like animals...
Let me explain... Men and women alike behave as though they 'cannot' wait to have sex. The results of having Sexual intercourse are pregnancy. In other words, if you have sex there's a possibility of you getting pregnant. Yes men get pregnant to. When they impregnate a women that's their seed, the women carries. Only an 'idiot' would think that they didn't have anything to do with the pregnancy or blindly convince themselves that its not theirs.
Anyway, 99% of the time, its the man initiating the invitation to sex by making contact with a every girl his privacy jumps for.  Even Animals have better sense when it comes to self control.
Sex shouldn't be the priority. Shouldn't be secondary either. With sex comes much responsibility. Plus its to be shared with 'married' couples... Its not something to be 'triffled' with.

Now, I look at poor children and think to myself, " they have bad parents... People who thought only of themselves and only of their own temporary satisfaction. Whether it was consensual or not. I see that even now, with certain persons whom I have met online have confessed to me unknowingly first their intentions, (sex), and then in the very same conversation, tell me they need help or are hungry... Only After I convince them that I'm not talking to them for sex, that is... But for establishing a 'friendship'. Some are stubborn others agree and change their approach.

Nevertheless, in general, people don't have a sense of self-value. They think that all we are here for is to "live 'freely' cause its the only one you have"???   Wait a minute... Think about that for a second...  Then look at what its gotten you...  People are REALLY suffering out there and I PERSONALLY think its because of this "Live Free" bullshit. Yeah "live free, die hard" you and everyone that you're responsible for in the future. You take these too seriously, you end up with a generation of starving outcasts and prison inmates. For one reason or another...

Then desire for sex is 'over-rated' and people REALLY need to 'get a grip'. They risk the possibility of producing unwanted children which is another problem all its iwn but us a direct result of sexual intercourse. Not only poverty but death too as a result.

However, there are those that manage to maintain their dignity and raise their children to adulthood dealing with 'the struggle'. Moreover, taking matters into their own hands by taking responsibility for their actions. They manage to provide for their offspring by any means.

Yet there are Still those who give up way too soon and give their children away fearing that they cannot provide for them. Then there us that question that hovers above and never questioned... Why have sex if you are not ready to deal with the consequences. Education has nothing to do with it. Because sex is a natural basic instinct, and no matter how much you talk to, preach, divert, mention, avoid or beat it into, a person will eventually develope 'those feelings' and eventually get exposed to the culprit... So what does a person do to get around all of this? How can this put an end to poverty? How many people don't care? Who can be blamed for anothers mistakes or lack of caring about a choice made? How can one make 'the right choices' in 'todays' world.

My opinion is that if a person wants to make positive change they must First recognise the fact that you cannot make people change. You can only work on yourself and live the example you are trying to convey. No matter how hard it gets. By your example, changes can be made. No it doesn't mean give away all your accumulated wealth. You worked hard for it. But it does mean to help those that 'have no mind' to 'develope a mind'. Give them ideas to self sustain. And personally assist them as needed. Give a man some fruit you give them only temporary gratification. Teach a man to grow his own fruit, you give them permanent wealth beyond measure. Money cannot solve all woes, in fact the 'lack of' and the 'abundance of' of it does. Also, the same with sex. Sex doesn't have to be a priority in a relationship, it doesn't 'make' the relationship work nor does it complete it. In fact, it can be the main cause of suffering, starvation, sickness, disease and death. It Must be 'handled with care' and should not be a priority.

These are just a few of my thoughts and there are no beneficial answers or  immediate solutions to poverty. But I am certain that the 'disrespect' for sexual intercourse is an underlying cause for the worlds... No Humankinds poverty issues.

 If you have an opinion drop it down below. I'd like to hear what everyone thinks. Am I too harsh? Does this make sense? Do you agree or disagree?
And if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Concerned With the State of Humankind,
Linda Dawkins

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