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A Series Of Fortunate Quotes For Writers

        Original Inspiring Quote Animations 
                           by Linda Dawkins

   Sometimes, all you need is a quick reminder that things usually will work out in the end. So I've put together some great motivating quotes, geared particularly to the writer/author/blogger. Shared them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and tumbler. They've recieved some pretty good responses, so I thought I'd put them together in one place then later, as I create some more, upload them daily as a continued effort to support writers everywhere. Because we share so many things in common. Trying to make our Mark in the world by using our creative minds. GO WRITERS!

         Well, here are a few to get started with.



So the next time your facing writers block or have temporarily forgotten why you do what you do, think about these excellent reminders that what you do, does matter. Check back daily to get your daily dose of writers fortune

Original Inspiring Quote Animations
 by Linda Dawkins 

How To Have A Great Day

I've got an idea! I'm generally a happy person and some people have asked how do it and continue to have a great day, every day.
 It all starts with goals. It's never too late to set some new ones. I wake up every morning with my first goal which is to make a conscious effort to have a great day. 
These goals are to help me to take the very best care of myself. Since its really not anyone's job but mine anyway! 
First things first! I gotta think of myself as a queen... cause I am... Just the first one in my own royal line and legacy. 

Since I now know this, then perhaps a change in attitude is in order! I'm feeling confident my abilities as a leader. So say this aloud with me now, "I am confident in my strengths and capabilities. "

Be of service to your fellow human beings.  If you are not the first, don't worry because you'll have an infinite amount of opportunity too be you.
 The more that helpful I am to others the more valuable I become. When we are in the service of others 

Oh yeah... don't forget to check things from your off of your bucket list...

Enjoy the things you love to do...
 Love a lot but forgive more than a lot... forgiveness is only one key to happiness.
...And don't forget some Me Time...


If you enjoyed reading this little bit of advice or if you are already doing some of these great activities,  you're already half way on top having a great day!
Doing these things will make you happy and when your happy,  you'll be having a great day

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Exclusive Interview With Underground Recording Artist ATM RICHIE

        Exclusive Interview With ATM RICHIE
ATM RICHIE is a well grounded rap artist and music producer from Los Angeles, California. which has been known to produce some of the tightest rappers in recording artist history.  It's no stranger to entertainment and pretty much tops New York on average with creativity... 
When people used to sing songs about Loving New York, in the 80's that all changed to I Love LA. This isn't because I was raised there too. Today's artists aren't singing and rapping about the cities where they grew up anymore. They're singing and exquisitely rapping a history of life, living, loving and everything else in between those grey areas of being human being and surviving.  
Check out "Every Song" by ATM RICHIE

ATM RICHIE Feature hit song "SOUL SEARCHING" released on July 16, 2017.

Now Here's the Exclusive Interview With

1.So tell us about You… Where did you grow up?
 I grew Up In Los Angeles , California in Baldwin Village
2.What made you decide to become an artist?"I seen my Father doing it as a child then one day it just all came together."
3.How do you handle mistakes as a performing artist? Have you ever made any? 
"I handle them very well as best as i can. The only mistake i made was losing my ex girl behind all the groupies."
4.Do you tour? Do you have plans on touring?
"Yes I have performed before with Tyga and The FiNaTTicZ for there Hit Song Dont Drop That Thun Thun Thun. And yes I plan on Touring half my life."
5.What are your current projects? 
Daily Sacrifice EP. And now working on the #Blasphemy MIXTAPE.
6.In What ways do you utilize to promote your music? 
My Current Projects are My #DailySacrifice E.P along with my Number One Single #SoulSearchin And I utilize through FacebookTwitterInstagramSnapchat,Youtube, Word Of Mouth to promote my music.
7. What promoting system works best for you?
Independent Promotion.
8.Who would you like to perform with if you could (dead or alive)? 
Migos, Future, Rich Homie, Young Thug, Yfn Lucci..
9.What would you be doing now, if you weren't making music?
Probably working a 9 to 5 or in school some where.
10.What should your fans look forward to from you in the future?
 A NEW STYLE AND WAY OF RAPPING AND MORE STORIES BEHIND MY VISUALS. I am also bring out new Artist out of Los Angeles, California and Las Vegas.

11.What new and upcoming projects should we expect From you? 
Stay tuned for my Blasphemy MIXTAPE COMING After the SUMMER and many more MUSIC VIDEOS and VISUALS.
12.Do you have any Shout Outs for anyone?
 First Off I want to thank GOD for making everything happen S/O to my Mama Wanda Washington And to my Label #AllTrapMoneyCartel and #LetMeEat and to my Camera Man Dario Hernandez
                                     End Interview...

Atm Richie apparently is a great guy, is ambitious and true to his game and willing to do what it takes, stay motivated, and putting out and producing dope music.
You can follow Atm Richie on Facebook , on Twitter, on Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. Look forward to his new releases and become a fan!  Or email at

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Educating People Through Music- Scratchylus & Empress Reggae Featuring Kiddus I

Listen to Sweet Child ( Precious Little Child) on Amazon

Traveling through Africa, Europe and beyond and hailing from Jamaica, West Indies, entertaining and educating the masses, about respect and cultural awareness and differences also recognizing histories great African trailblazers of trail pavers of African decent. 

This is the legacy that Scratchylus Rhymes and his daughter Empress Reggae, have been enigmatically sharing both to eager listeners anxious to learn more than the true nature and glorious history of the African Nation.

Moreover, in that almost every present culture has taken or borrowed, for a time, from its specific cultural identification marks such as architecture, artworks, mapping, mikitary tactics, mathematics, agricultural practices, royalty etc. Which have been all including abducted from the African Continent. 

But were never able to completely irradicate the people nor the amazing culture. Slowly, these truths, that have been taken away or withheld, concealed or hidden during the past 400 to 500 years are slowly being uncovered and revealed. The truths are that We are a Royal Family,  and that every nation on earth comes from Africa including present day knowledge.

Scratchylus and Empress Reggae are unique to the re-education platform by their use of reggae music. Which is a particular genre type of music that...

 "When it hits you, you feel no pain." ~ Bob Marley 

Another format of communication that us worldwide and has no language barrier. Every One understands music. "It is a world within itself." 

Ranked #2 on the NumberOneMusic Billboard Charts in the UK, it's no wonder because the truth has set many free. Sweet child (Precious little child) starring Scratchylus, Empress Reggae and Featuring Kiddus I, also from Jamaica, West Indies. Best known for his appearance in the film Rockers_(1978_film)- Wikipedia. And for his songs,Inna De YardTopsy Turvy World , Rocking Rebel Rocking Rebel Volume 2and more.

Is the most recent song by this father/daughter duo was released in May 2017 and already has many plays and reviews.

The song is a lively tune that discribes the generous love of a loving parents to their child or children. It can further be interpreted to the rights and responsibilities of the human race and how it pertains to taking care of each other Also that if we take care of the planet, the planet will take care of us. Moreover, that the Planet Earth, is our mother. 
Offering spiritual guidance to seeking knowledge and excellence is every wise persons ambition. 

The song plays for 4:03 minutes and has a wonderful wind instrument and percussion bases. The vocals are performed by Scratcylus Empress Reggae and Kiddus I. It was released on Itunes and on Amazon in May 2017. 

Sweet Child (Precious Little Child), is already on rotation  on Mainstream Television Jamaica, HypeTVJamaica- ,
MTV italia Official,
Reggae 2 Reggae Radio TV (Jamaica)
HOT 102 FM Kingston, Jamaica
IRIE FM Jamaica
BESS FM LIVE Radio Jamaica),
ROOTS FM 96.1 (Jamaica)
KTTS Radio, St. Louis, MO. USA,
Sirius XM (Bob Adams Washington USA), 
Michael Rose KFAI (Chicago USA), 
Radio Skidrow (Australia), 
Cornerstone Music (UK), 
Andy Vater Swindon 105.5 (UK). 

The Response is Excellent to both the song And the Video. Which you will see why when you watch the video.

With 24 recorded and released songs in their disography doccate, Scratchylus and Empress Reggae are definitely paving the way in the educational and informational atmospheric solution to forgotten history that all people in the world should know and be taught in a way that respects African culture.

Listen to Sweet Child, (Precious Little Child).

World People Promoting Helpless People Organization-NGO


Is A charitable organization based in Bengal, India. The purpose is to change the world with kindness, starting locally, the plan is to eventually branch out worldwide to provide hope for the hopeless.

Recently approved for NGO funding earlier in 2017 is well on their way helping the underprivileged children,  adults that are experiencing the worst kind of poverty faced by humankind.  An NGO is a non-governmental organization a group composed of voluntary citizens and is non-profit in it's standing. NGO's are organized on a local, national or international level. They are usually funded by donations, but some avoid formal funding altogether and are specifically run by it's volunteers. Examples of NGO's are GreenPeace, World Life Fund,

NGO's rely on funding for projects, humanitarian efforts, salaries and other costs associated with the general functioning of the Organization in general. The annual budget for NGO's can be in the upper millions if dollars. An NGO's success depends upon it's funding. It's exists solely in donations.

World People Promoting Helpless People is such an organization. Based in West Bengal,  India and have embarked on a journey to help cure some of the worst areas in India that are stricken with poverty.  Basically,  Pune,  India and West Bengal, India.  They are tackling and/ or planning to address specific sites where devastation, homelessness, child labor, abuses, such as hunger are occurring. 
Photography by Sanjoy Sikdar

Addressing the hunger issue by feeding hungry people in these poverty stricken areas. Planning to Build and looking forward to opening schools in areas where there are none just Makes it easier for children to so be children without worrying about their future or having something warm to eat.  Basically, to have thoughts of a better future.

Which in a majority of the poorer areas the hope of receiving a quality education, let alone dinner for tonight, are slim to none. Children are forced to beg for food or money to help feed themselves or sickly family members at home...
Which in many cases are the slums, landfills or wastedumps. This is where so many of the poorer people live and call home.
 World Peace Promoting Helpless People Organization NGO wants to change all of this overt the next decade. By building up communities and giving the people hope for a better tomorrow. This kindness goes a long the way. Their mission is to bring smiles.

To join in the fight you can make your much needed donation to World People Promoting Helpless People Organization NGO West Bengal

10 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

The ten things that you probably don't know about me.

  1. I was a premature baby.  Born by cesarean section. My mother had a tubaligation before was born but somehow managed to slip through and voila!
  2. I am the youngest of 9, 2 brothers and 6 sisters. But I grew up with only 3 of them, the others were in Jamaica West Indies. 
  3. I had a little brother but he died at the age of 3, he was developmentally disabled. 
  4. I was a janitor with the LA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT before I transferred work classification to become a special education assistant taking a $500 pay cut just so I can be at home when my children got home from school. That sucked because I had to move from the place was living... couldn't afford it any longer. My four children and I had to live with my sister and her five kids before moving back home with my dad. 
  5. I gave up my apartment and left my children's father to move in with my mother when I found out that she was terminally ill with breast cancer.  My babies father didn't want me to go to her because of his indifference with my mom. I wasn't about to let him control when I saw my mother.  So I left him, gave up my apartment taking a penalty and disqualification from Section 8 and never reapplied. 
  6. I suffered from asthma my entire life. Had a 3.5 centimeter menengioma, which is benign brain tumor that could have led to blindness or death if it wasn't removed.  I subsequently had it removed a year after it's discovery.  The result was that I began to have seizures.  The seizures lasted for approximately six (6) years, when suddenly on July 4th, 2012, I had my last one. I haven't had another one since then.  Miracle of miracles. I am free of seizures to this day. 
  7. I have not been back to work because my medical records State that I'm a liability risk due to the rate of seizure activity in my past. They were occurring quite frequently. Like once every two weeks or once a month. 
  8. I was playing with a gun that my children's father had brought home one day, perhaps to intimidate me,  (He was abusive), Trying to be brave, and behave as though I wasn't intimidated by a weapon being brought into my home, I put the gun to my head and pulled the trigger.  The gun clicked,  then I took the gun away from my head, pointed it at the closet and pulled the trigger and it fired,  leaving a nice sized hole in the closet door. I opened up my bedroom door to see my little kids standing there crying... all I can say niw is " Lord have mercy,  Thank You Father God..."
  9. All of my children are grown, three of them have two children each.  My youngest son doesn't have any yet. 
  10. I am leaving a legacy for my children, grand children and great grand children to remember me. By leaving an account of my life... Writing it down, online,  offline, everywhere... on facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Muck Rack, Minds, Tumbler, On my blog, everywhere I csn think of to create an account, even on a few websites and working on a few projects. Not to mention working with World Peace Promoting Helpless People Organization NGO West Bengal and Pune. is a charitable organization  that has two locations based in India. and the other in Working with them as Mentor, Lead Secretary and Bookkeeping/Accounting.  I used to be a musician but now I just write about the music of others. Writing Music Reviews for Unsigned, Underground and Unheard recording artists.

 When people hear about my life,  they sometimes don't believe me.  But this just goes to show that your destiny is not written unless you write it. Also that,  with faith and perseverance, anything is possible. People Go through trials and tribulations.  All these things do is make you stronger.
I could tell you this much,  getting through problems such as in health and relationships, it helps to have the support of close friends and family members.  The love and support that I recieved along my journey along with the protection of what I know to be a higher being and more than likely a whole lot of prayers.  I made it through the storms of my life and came out better than I was before.

Linda Dawkins aka Lindadz89
CEO, Author, Blogger, Direct Response Digital Marketer,  Executive Administrative Assistant. Mother, Grand Mother, Survivor   

Friday, July 21, 2017

Group Interview Questions From Kevin Skinner Facebook Stories

A Facebook friend of mine Kevin Skinner who has been asking a series of "thought-provoking" questions to the friends on his friend list.  He's been getting some pretty good responses with answers. I even had my turn which I have compiled a group of answers to a few of his interesting questions and topics of interest that are currently being discussed on Facebook. Answering his questions, and reading the answers that others are giving will astound you. Really get you thinking? Plus, they can fit right in here at I Am LindaDz89. Furthermore, get a lot more personal, if you want to know how I think. For Instance, first and foremost let me say that when I answer Kevin's questions, I get "WRITETIMATE" see The definition here, The intimacy of writing 
 I think about what I have done or what I'm doing. What ever worked or is working for Me that has gotten me through some tough times. Or what I would do if faced with these certain instances. Well... That's just my opinion...

The following 3 questions can be found once you click the link associated with the question.

"Can a married man have a single woman as his best friend?" (Interview by: Kevin Skinner Facebook Story)

"Nope... unless the single woman is her best friend too... they have to be really close. Or he might as well marry her his single best friend instead of his wife. Why? Because of jealousy and envy. The wife may get left out or the best friend may feel left out. You can't have em both. Lack of understanding and compromise.  Plus.... the wife SHOULD be the husbands best friend or the couple is mismatched...🤔🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♂️ just my opinion." Linda Dawkins

After A Break Up or divorce should you wait awhile or get right back out there to date again? (Interview by: Kevin Skinner Kevin Skinner Facebook Story)

   "WAIT. WAIT. WAIT... you need ME TIME...TAKE YOUR TIME ENJOY YOUR FREEDOM... If you get lonely find some kids to play with... SERIOUSLY. Being around children school aged kids, play sports or teach them games you used to play. Volunteer at a boys and girls club or organization like that... if you don't like being around kids. Volunteer at your local animal shelter. This helps with the loneliness plus keeps you active and makes you feel useful in society. 🙄❤😁 I never tried these myself, but saw your post and was thinking... I'm in the middle of a divorce right now.  I am in NO RUSH to get trapped in the same situation or anything close to it. Losing my freedom again... Right Now,  I don't have to answer to anyone, report, explain my whereabouts,  worry about what to cook, whether or not my spouse is gonna like it, worry about anyone cheating,  being abusive, taking my car without my permission, coming home late, got me worried about a nigga acting like a kid... not too anxious to get back on That track again. And since ALL men SAY that they're different from the next guy...and vice versa for women. I personally would prefer to play with REAL children or take care of animals because they don't complain.... so bottom line is you have to be insane and willing to sacrifice your happiness in order to get back into another relationship immediately after a break up...Just my opinion..." -Linda Dawkins 

"Your dating someone and you're feeling them But your friends and family don't like them so what do you do?" (Interview by Kevin Skinner Facebook Story

Sometimes your friends and family can see things in our perspectives, that we can't see, so it's always good to remain objective. Why? Because IF by chance they are right, as to NOT like the person you are dating, and have GOOD cause or good reason, that YOU, yourself, don't know about, it is easier to know and accept truths beforehand... or if the seed is already planted. Rather than to wait for  bomb to be dropped on your emotions... Plus, you ALWAYS have your family... these others, come and go... you don't want bad blood between you and your family... they ONLY interfere when they feel the need to protect... which is a #natural instinct for family and #true friends.  IT'S not my fault that I'm somewhat of an expert on family and relations... another reason my family us so close... and quite happy presently 👍😄❤... Especially since 9 times out of 10 when I DIDN'T  listen to family members, They were right... and I felt quite Stupid afterward... thinking that my #happiness was Not their business, when in actuality it was them who I cried to after my heart was broken so many times. Go figure???🤔
just my opinion." -Linda Dawkins

"Should A Adult Woman Go Through Her Man's Instagram Account To See Who He's Following And What Messages He's Leaving On Females Pic" (Interview by: Kevin Skinner Facebook Story
Nope... not at all... but she May be curious... it's Only natural, since women are the #protectors and naturally protect their own hearts by investigating on her own and Not waiting for her companion to be honest with her. However, this SHOULD tell her that he is being dishonest somewhere along the line of their relationship for her to feel that she has need to check his messages and whatnot. An agreement should be made up front... so as to avoid any sneaky business.  What type of agreement? Either He show her his friends and encourages his bae to befriend his friends as well, or Agree that personal messages online and so on and so forth, are off limits...

Just my opinion.

These were my answers to these clever questions and there are many more thought provoking questions to think about and answer if not by participating in the discussion or think to yourself or the opinions of others. You may even want to develop statistics on how many people feel a certain way about a subject. Who knows. This could be the beginning of a new trend of self evaluation and leer guidance.  The object would be to know where everyones minds are. Where they are with their thinking at that moment in time.

Hope you enjoyed reading this rather lengthy article. If you find anything interesting about the topics or the opinions given, please feel free to leave a comment. Or you can email your questions to

Las Vegas, Nevada

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I Am Linda DZ 89

Hey you! You probably been wanting to know who I am... probably don't care... but that's ok. I'd rather be the one to tell my tale before someone else does anyway. So here I am, about to answer my own Exclusive Interview Questions. "This ought be great..."

Well with no further ado...

Linda Dawkins: Underground Unsigned & Unheard Artist - Self Interview...

1. So tell us about You… Where did you grow up? 
I was born in Montreal, Quebec Canada, I grew up in Los Angeles, California. My mom was from Guyana and my dad was from Jamaica. I have 2 brothers and 5 sisters, but I'm the youngest. My mom played the radio, a lot listening to 60's  classic rock music, reggae, calypso, Rhythm and Blues. My dad played the Congo or bongo drums. Both of my parents sang. My father's favorite tune was Frank Sinatra 's 'My Way'. The loved having parties and entertaining guests. Our household, or rather, the household that I like to remember is the one I mention above. I grew up in the 80's so You Know what I was grooving too. Cameo, Grand Master Flash, Kool Moe Dee, Run DMV, Public Enemy, MC Lyte, The Gap Band, The Isley Brothers, Sapp, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Debarge, New Edition, Lakeside, Queen, Culture Club, Van Halen, Duran, Duran, Joan Jet, Kiss, And a whole bunch of other types of music. Basically channel hopping.

2. What made you decide to become an artist? Both my mother and father, saw that I was a quick learner and had an aptitude to entertain or model or play the piano or some other instrument. I chose the piano.  Taught to read and write music. Then in High school, I discovered that my peers also saw my talents. We put together a group called it The Palisades Yacht Club. We released 2 songs, one of which I copy wrote myself as a teenager by transcribing the entire music score of the song called "I've Been In Love". It was cut into a '45, in lay-mens terms is the size of a vinyl record disk. It never got promoted properly. I lost interest, then began my family. It has been over 30 years since I made any music until last year. With tech biology as it is today, it's fun and extremely convenient. I Still don't really make music and don't consider myself to be an artist, because I do a whole lot of different things besides music.

3. How do you handle mistakes as a performing artist? Have you ever made any?
I once was competing in a talent show at one of the high schools that  I attended, The piano wasn't tuned to the song that I was playing... I didn't notice that until After I had already began to play. I kept playing and sang along as best as I could adjust to the melody. Once I started, I had to finish. People applauded, but I knew in my heart that they MUST have noticed... or maybe didn't.  Sometimes, we are our own worst critiques.  Because I came in 2nd. Place. It turns out that Not every one can hear music. Some people only listen. Others, with an ear for music, can hear the music being played by all the instruments being played. Like me. I can hear them and Identify the instrument. Possibly even replicate the sound being made.

4. Do you tour? Do you have plans on touring?
No, I don't tour... not yet at least. If I haven't done it by now, I probably won't.  But who's to say?

5. What are your current projects?
Woooweee. That's a good question. Well, I'm  a writer. I kind of figured that "what better way to leave a legacy than to write it done?" And so I have.  I write poetry,  short stories, music and video reviews, business reviews, product reviews,  I blog about humanity and its excellence and turbulence on World Peace Promoting Helpless People Organization NGO or, which I hold Executive Administrative Assistant and Lead Secretary positions under the guidance of Donna Leann Padilla, Director , mentor, boss, peer and dear friend. At the same time I create dance music and play around with un-mastered  music.

6. In What ways do you utilize to promote your music?
I usually self promote. I create ads with snippets or samples of my music. Sometimes adding motivational quotes. I talk to others about Their music and help them promote their music too by writing reviews for them or interviewing them like here. Creating a platform for others to share their music helps me promote my own music too, among other things. Like my other interests.

7. What promoting system works best for you? So far, I have only been online and I do have plans on opening offices headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada in the future... I hope... It could provide some jobs online and all over.

8. Who would you like to perform with if you could (dead or alive)? Bob Marley "Exodus" Sonny and Cher Old School, " I've Got You Babe"

9. What would you be doing now, if you weren't making music? What I'm doing now... it's all tied together. I am also working on a game called The Human Race Game which you will find online, once the site is up and running again and on Facebook. I am looking for developers that may want to create a video game based on the story line. Just another project on the way.

10. What should your fans look forward to from you in the future? Well, more music and video., The Human Race Game, A place that can promote their music or business and positive motivation.
11. What new and upcoming projects should we expect From you? Lots of Exclusive Interviews, Music Reviews and Online Business Reviews. Hopefully I will get funding to develops this game and that it gets lots of subscribers! I am developing designer t-shirtss.  There's a picture of one below. Finally, I hope that World Peace Promoting Helpless People Organization NGO grows to cover more underdeveloped areas and has great success in the eradication of poverty.

Recent Facebook Post

12. Do you have any Shout Outs for anyone? I want to give a Shout Out to all the Underground Unsigned and Unheard Artists that are holding it down and staying afloat by continuously producing great music. I'm "hearing" you.

End Interview.

Well, thus is the life of Linda Dawkins...

Although it may seem awkward, and it is, to interview oneself. Because there may not be an objective standpoint. I don't know... whatever...

You can follow me on Twitter,  LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook,  Minds, Pinterest, Medium, Snapchat, tumbler or  subscribe right at the bottom of the screen... pretty much hope to be all over social media and dominate in my unique fields of interest.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Exclusive Interview With Kasino Kash

Linda Dawkins: Underground Unsigned & Unheard Artist Exclusive Interview With 
Kasino Kash

Watch  'Everything's Good" by Kasino Kash on YouTube
    Kasino Kash is Rocking Underground hip hop and Rap music with a new sound that will get you on your feet. As busy as underground artists are in the studios these days, its hard to come up with original, unheard music. However, that doesn't seem to be a problem for this young artist, no matter how hard the struggle is. 
   It is our extreme pleasure to introduce to you Kasino Kash in his first Exclusive Interview with me. I do hope that we get to do this again in the future. Hip Hop and Rap Music has evolved and This underground artists is a ine if a kind. Being one of the first artists to step out side of the norm for rap music coming out from the south to format and produce original new beats, with great lyrics everyone can enjoy, not just the lover of rap music. 

   We sat down with Kasino Kash and asked him a few questions that we are now bringing to you today. With no further delay. 

      Exclusive Interview With Kasino Kash   

1. So tell us about You… Where did you grow up?

   "My name is Donell Lawson, I grew up in a small town called Catherine, Alabama in Wilcox County. This is where I attended Wilcox Central High School in Camden, Alabama."
   "Wilcox County is the poorest county in the state of Alabama. The people there really struggle , Some go without lights and water. This county is located in the Black Belt Region of the state and crime is at a all time high."
    "It Leads most teens down the wrong path. My story is deeper then music though, as a Kid I enjoyed Writing, Art and Reading. These are the things that kept me out of trouble. My passion for poetry grew into Songwriting, this ultimately lead to singing." 
  "The people I represent back home in Catherine have motivated and driven me to become successful as an Activist and as a Recording Artist."

2. What made you decide to become an artist?

"I decided to become an Artist at the age of 10 years old. Growing up I listened to Tupac, Biggie, Nas, Snoop, Ice Cube, Andre 3000, Big Boi and Master P. They are what fueled me to become a Recording Artist."

3. How do you handle mistakes as a performing artist? Have you ever made any?

"I'm usually the type of person that's good under pressure and grow from my mistakes."

4. Do you tour? Do you have plans on touring?

" I'm planning on going on tour after the release of my EP. "

5. What are your current projects?

"I'm working on a EP called 'Wilcox's' Last"

6. In What ways do you utilize to promote your music?

"Facebook and YouTube... when my first project is done, I'll upload it to major streaming sites like Spinrilla, itunes and Reverbnation, etc. "

7. What promoting system works best for you?

"Facebook is helping me to connect with a lot of people in the industry. "

8. Who would you like to perform with if you could (dead or alive)?

"Tupac and Biggie"

9. What would you be doing now, if you weren't making music?


10. What should your fans look forward to from you in the future?

"A feature with Da Real don Polo an artist from Jacksonville, Illinois, signed to fetty waps RGF productions label features on Dj verbal links next to blow mixtape. Great Music!"

11. What new and upcoming projects should we expect From you?

"Wilcox's last king:unexpected"

12. Do you have any Shout Outs for anyone? 

Shout Out to Da Real don Polo, RGF, Inno Future Entertainment. All of the Artist doing there thing in Alabama. My Family. My two little boys Javein and Dovani. An the Most High!"

End Interview...

     Watch Kasino Kash most recent release 
                        'Hate It Or Love It.' 

Follow Kasino Kash on FACEBOOK
Stay up with what he has coming out soon!
Become A Fan!!!

Introduction to The Human Race Game, and How To Play

"Let's play a game." You're a highly skilled secret agent operative on a covert mission. You get direct orders f...