Sunday, July 30, 2017

How To Have A Great Day

I've got an idea! I'm generally a happy person and some people have asked how do it and continue to have a great day, every day.
 It all starts with goals. It's never too late to set some new ones. I wake up every morning with my first goal which is to make a conscious effort to have a great day. 
These goals are to help me to take the very best care of myself. Since its really not anyone's job but mine anyway! 
First things first! I gotta think of myself as a queen... cause I am... Just the first one in my own royal line and legacy. 

Since I now know this, then perhaps a change in attitude is in order! I'm feeling confident my abilities as a leader. So say this aloud with me now, "I am confident in my strengths and capabilities. "

Be of service to your fellow human beings.  If you are not the first, don't worry because you'll have an infinite amount of opportunity too be you.
 The more that helpful I am to others the more valuable I become. When we are in the service of others 

Oh yeah... don't forget to check things from your off of your bucket list...

Enjoy the things you love to do...
 Love a lot but forgive more than a lot... forgiveness is only one key to happiness.
...And don't forget some Me Time...


If you enjoyed reading this little bit of advice or if you are already doing some of these great activities,  you're already half way on top having a great day!
Doing these things will make you happy and when your happy,  you'll be having a great day

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