Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Educating People Through Music- Scratchylus & Empress Reggae Featuring Kiddus I

Listen to Sweet Child ( Precious Little Child) on Amazon

Traveling through Africa, Europe and beyond and hailing from Jamaica, West Indies, entertaining and educating the masses, about respect and cultural awareness and differences also recognizing histories great African trailblazers of trail pavers of African decent. 

This is the legacy that Scratchylus Rhymes and his daughter Empress Reggae, have been enigmatically sharing both to eager listeners anxious to learn more than the true nature and glorious history of the African Nation.

Moreover, in that almost every present culture has taken or borrowed, for a time, from its specific cultural identification marks such as architecture, artworks, mapping, mikitary tactics, mathematics, agricultural practices, royalty etc. Which have been all including abducted from the African Continent. 

But were never able to completely irradicate the people nor the amazing culture. Slowly, these truths, that have been taken away or withheld, concealed or hidden during the past 400 to 500 years are slowly being uncovered and revealed. The truths are that We are a Royal Family,  and that every nation on earth comes from Africa including present day knowledge.

Scratchylus and Empress Reggae are unique to the re-education platform by their use of reggae music. Which is a particular genre type of music that...

 "When it hits you, you feel no pain." ~ Bob Marley 

Another format of communication that us worldwide and has no language barrier. Every One understands music. "It is a world within itself." 

Ranked #2 on the NumberOneMusic Billboard Charts in the UK, it's no wonder because the truth has set many free. Sweet child (Precious little child) starring Scratchylus, Empress Reggae and Featuring Kiddus I, also from Jamaica, West Indies. Best known for his appearance in the film Rockers_(1978_film)- Wikipedia. And for his songs,Inna De YardTopsy Turvy World , Rocking Rebel Rocking Rebel Volume 2and more.

Is the most recent song by this father/daughter duo was released in May 2017 and already has many plays and reviews.

The song is a lively tune that discribes the generous love of a loving parents to their child or children. It can further be interpreted to the rights and responsibilities of the human race and how it pertains to taking care of each other Also that if we take care of the planet, the planet will take care of us. Moreover, that the Planet Earth, is our mother. 
Offering spiritual guidance to seeking knowledge and excellence is every wise persons ambition. 

The song plays for 4:03 minutes and has a wonderful wind instrument and percussion bases. The vocals are performed by Scratcylus Empress Reggae and Kiddus I. It was released on Itunes and on Amazon in May 2017. 

Sweet Child (Precious Little Child), is already on rotation  on Mainstream Television Jamaica, HypeTVJamaica- ,
MTV italia Official,
Reggae 2 Reggae Radio TV (Jamaica)
HOT 102 FM Kingston, Jamaica
IRIE FM Jamaica
BESS FM LIVE Radio Jamaica),
ROOTS FM 96.1 (Jamaica)
KTTS Radio, St. Louis, MO. USA,
Sirius XM (Bob Adams Washington USA), 
Michael Rose KFAI (Chicago USA), 
Radio Skidrow (Australia), 
Cornerstone Music (UK), 
Andy Vater Swindon 105.5 (UK). 

The Response is Excellent to both the song And the Video. Which you will see why when you watch the video.

With 24 recorded and released songs in their disography doccate, Scratchylus and Empress Reggae are definitely paving the way in the educational and informational atmospheric solution to forgotten history that all people in the world should know and be taught in a way that respects African culture.

Listen to Sweet Child, (Precious Little Child).

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