Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Good Morining Friends I'm just waking up this morning and I'm not quite ready to snap a new selfie So I will share A Pencil Sketch selfie that's 3yrs. old. That I created using an app that I no longer use. Writing about the topic Pencil Sketch will be challenging. So I'm going to organize a new poetry contest. Whoever wins, gets to come with me, ( Courtesy of my Good Friends #BeatsByDre), to 2016 The Bad Boys Reunion Tour at The MGM GRAND on October 1st. Where you will see all the greatest legends in Hip Hop. Especially the ones that STARTED the Underground Hip Hop Music Movement!!!

Ok, Lets get to it, the contest rules go a little bit like this. The topic of your poetry should center around the phrase "Pencil Sketch" and should;

1.) be a minimum of 36- lines in duration.

2.) No music accompaniment is necessary but if you want to get a creative go for it.

3.) No profanity. It should be readible for All to enjoy.

4.)No offensive jargon.

5.)be centered around A PENCIL SKETCH.

Winner will be selected prior to the event. Contest is open to everyone. However, the winner selected MUST BE OVER. 21yrs. Of Age. For obvious reasons. Besides the fact that This Is Vegas Baby!!!
All contestants will have their poetry published on three of my websites. Submit a photo of yourself and your poetry submission for review at: pencilsketchcontestinfo@gmail.com pencilsketchcontestinfo@gmail.com

I'm looking forward to selecting a winner and attending The Bad Boy Reunion Tour!

Good Luck!!!
Linda Dawkins
Pencil Sketch Poetry Contest Organizer and Director of Operations.
Las Vegas, Nevada

Monday, September 26, 2016



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