Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Profound Message On Domestic Violence Awareness: "Keep Your Hands To Yourself" A GerMarFar Production Music Review

What an Excellent message! "Keep Your Hands To Yourself" is an excellent warning to all predators that commit violent acts to family members is Not tolerated anymore. People aren't closing their windows and shutting their blinds to the sounds of victims screams for help. The Law and the courts are far from lienient in fact.

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence:
* 20 people per minute are physically abused by their partner totaling 10 million women and men in the United States.
* 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men has been victimized by an intimate partner in their lifetime.
* Every day more than 20,000 calls are placed two hotlines Nationwide.
* Domestic violence accounts for 15% of all violent crimes.
* Only 34% of people who are injured by their Partners receive medical care for their injuries.
The Statistics are Staggering. "Keep Hour Hands To Yourself" speaks of many aspects of what can happen. The message is Loud and Clear. Harm someone, You'll pay. With your freedom that is. Commit Domestic Violence; Your "...looking at a 5 year bid." As the lead vocalists states. In some states the term may vary. As more places are becoming strict with offenders. The law is harsh on criminals and its well deserved. However, the song enlightens the subject whuch was formerly 'Tabu' in a lot of ways. Bringing light and addresses concerns that were once thought of as 'none of your business' and 'put a lid on' and silence.

The vocalists

Listen To Keep Your Hands 2 Yourself

* 19.3 million women and 5.1 million men in the US has been stalked.
* 60.8% of female stalking victims and 43.5% of Men reported being stalked by a current or former intimate partner.
* 1 in 5 women and 1 in 71 men have been raped.
* Almost half of female 46.7% and in Male 44.9% said they were raped by an acquaintance.
* In a study 20% of victims were not the victims of domestic violence but we're friends, family members, Neighbors, persons who intervene, law enforcement responder, or bystander.
* 72% of all murders suicides involve an intimate partner.
* 94% of the victims of these murder suicides are female
Listen to "Keep Your Hands To Yourself" A Germarf

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Internet Detox - The World in a Clam Shell.

Internet Detox. Is it possible?
 Back in the day, it was so easy to just write a letter or pick up a rotary telephone and dial a neighbor a friend perhaps even my mother on the telephone. However, today we have the internet... (duh duh duhhh).

Now Telephones and Television are pretty much obsolete with the coming of cell phones and Android phones, tablets and computers that combine the two. Making communication a lot easier. To get through to someone else one simply can message them or email or text and once what you would have to wait for you don't. The wait doesn't matter nor the time for that matter. Because it will take a matter of seconds to get through to whomever you want to communicate with.

   Now in an instant you can know the answer to your questions with little or no physical research performed. No library visit...(former information highway). The Internet has all the answers to everything. Moreover, your questions and all the other Possible questions on your search topic, that you perhaps would have thought of are Anticipated AND Answered and If there were no answers, you'd automatically get referred to a place that CAN give the answer.

    modern technology.
   Due to an overlapse, I became four months past due from paying my bill which ultimately caused my internet to be turned off. The ordeal lasted for a lengthy 4 days. During which time I suffered a great deal in business and friendly relations. However, It was peaceful which was a blessing. I got to spend more time with my family. Children and grandchildren included.

   I actually listened to their questions and since we didn't have cable in the first place we actually used Netflix and SlingTV to view our favorite shows on television. So when the internet went off we were without TV for the entire four days. We really had a chance to sit down and actually hear questions that were being asked.
   What is internet detox? Its forcibly going without the conveniences of the internet.  A perfect 'anti-toxin', (so to speak). Some people have tried it... For longer periods... However, I couldn't wait any longer then 4 days. It was a long enough period of time. But time well spent!

    I remembered writing instead of typing or entering as we do it on a cell phone. I was writing notes down and when it came to video I did reports About a video saved on my phone. The point is I had to REALLY work.
Presently I am uploading video to YouTube and I glad that the use of the internets conveniences are back at the 'click of a button'. These moments with and without internet are precious. The family got a chance to be together. Actually be together. Actually hear each other because we realize to prioritize whats in front of our eyes. The World in a Clam shell.

Afraid To Be Loved: An Empowerment Poem

You don't know what you put me through. 
leading me on the way you do.
I thought you cared but obviously thats not true.
married six years and now you think its a mistake.
How can you be so undecisive?
How can you be so cruel? How can you focus on playing me for the fool?
To take my love for granted, then play it so cool. 
Then tell me that you never wanted or needed me. Where is the time and place I SHOULD be.
Then you moved out on a whim. Said you couldn't be with me anymore...
As soon as you left. I was at peace again. Living a lie was too hurtful. No shameful...
Several months pass by. You are still living that lie. Inviting me over for "secret rendevous" and share things only you and I share, yet cannot give me a kiss 'good night'. 
You seem to be living it up. Living a 'free-mans' life even though you are not. Calling it cheating is fair. I saw you chatting with a girl. You shared intimate photos with her of your privacy. Telling her that you can't wait to see her again, yet are sleeping in my bed. 
You are tied by paper and by vows. 
"To love, honor, cherish and obey... in sickness and in health... til death do us part..." Remember that? 
You say it was a mistake... On YOUR part. But how can you know it was a mistake, unless, you didn't mean it in the first place? 
Then there's that unanswered question of Why would you make life-altering decisions based on what you can get from me? 
I gave you everything. Every part of me... 
when I had nothing left to give, you had a change of heart. You took me for granted, and  closer is what I need.
Months have passed, now you moved back home. Living like nothing has happened... 
What do you expect me to do?
 I say "lets have a divorce..." you say, "We can't afford it..." I know thats a luxury we can't afford... I'm telling you now that
I cannot live a lie. I cannot waste my time, and I cannot cry at night because my heart is too happy. 
I know there is someone out there who loves me more than you ever could. 
I know someone would hug me and kiss me the way you never would. Someone would treat me like I'm the only woman in the world, and someone who is not afraid to loved.
By Linda Dawkins

Friday, June 17, 2016

One, Two, Skip A Few 99, One Hundred

 Got a lot to be concerned with?
 Is Trouble brewing in your kitchen?
 The Grass was a murky yellow and not as Green' as you Thought it would be? 
Well, Welcome to reality... 
Its true what they say about 'reality'; and that is that "It Bites".
 You know. 
Yeah, it sure does
 and Nobody expects to NOT have to feel it... those teeth... You know the ones.
 Unless, they don't give a damn and your living life as it comes to you. 

By Linda Dawkins

Monday, June 6, 2016

What's The Clear Choice? Relationship Issues

     When your estranged husband 'temporaily' moves out, repeatedly calls you over to where he stays for sex. Moves back home cause of trouble where he was. Then suddenly begins to play the role of husband after 'convincing' himself for Months, that he's single and pretending that he's not married for months, Almost cheats, (so he says). Strings 'desperate' girls along, but wants sex from you, wants you to cook, wants you to clean, wants you to braid his hair, wants you to wash his cloths, rub his feet and do ALL the wifey things that you've BEEN doing all along but wasn't appreciated for.
     He Goes out on dates, has intimate conversation with them. Gets into precarious positions with his dates, by sharing nude and semi-nude photos to unsuspecting girls, AND his estranged wife... all while making plans to move in and roommate with two another guys and says its because he can't 'bring someone', (a girl), to the house that your staying in cause you won't allow it. But STILL asks you for 'intimate' pleasures and tries to hide his desire for you from other household family members that still respect him and expect different behaviour. What Is 'The Clear Choice'?

'Having 'mercy' is a Godly trait.'

     The Mix playing in the background says it all. The video, shows a ladybug 'spotted' VW that represents the 'a so-called' relationship. The Smiley bag represents the fact that 'Life Goes On'. The other vehicles represent BIGGER and BETTER things in store after the 'Bug Leaves The Lot'. Remember, everything happens for a Reason, all in its Due Season. What are your opinions on this matter?

If you liked what you have read, go ahead and give it a 'like', if not comment your reasoning as to what You think is The Clear Choice. 😄 I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts!😃😃

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