Monday, June 6, 2016

What's The Clear Choice? Relationship Issues

     When your estranged husband 'temporaily' moves out, repeatedly calls you over to where he stays for sex. Moves back home cause of trouble where he was. Then suddenly begins to play the role of husband after 'convincing' himself for Months, that he's single and pretending that he's not married for months, Almost cheats, (so he says). Strings 'desperate' girls along, but wants sex from you, wants you to cook, wants you to clean, wants you to braid his hair, wants you to wash his cloths, rub his feet and do ALL the wifey things that you've BEEN doing all along but wasn't appreciated for.
     He Goes out on dates, has intimate conversation with them. Gets into precarious positions with his dates, by sharing nude and semi-nude photos to unsuspecting girls, AND his estranged wife... all while making plans to move in and roommate with two another guys and says its because he can't 'bring someone', (a girl), to the house that your staying in cause you won't allow it. But STILL asks you for 'intimate' pleasures and tries to hide his desire for you from other household family members that still respect him and expect different behaviour. What Is 'The Clear Choice'?

'Having 'mercy' is a Godly trait.'

     The Mix playing in the background says it all. The video, shows a ladybug 'spotted' VW that represents the 'a so-called' relationship. The Smiley bag represents the fact that 'Life Goes On'. The other vehicles represent BIGGER and BETTER things in store after the 'Bug Leaves The Lot'. Remember, everything happens for a Reason, all in its Due Season. What are your opinions on this matter?

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