Thursday, July 27, 2017

Exclusive Interview With Underground Recording Artist ATM RICHIE

        Exclusive Interview With ATM RICHIE
ATM RICHIE is a well grounded rap artist and music producer from Los Angeles, California. which has been known to produce some of the tightest rappers in recording artist history.  It's no stranger to entertainment and pretty much tops New York on average with creativity... 
When people used to sing songs about Loving New York, in the 80's that all changed to I Love LA. This isn't because I was raised there too. Today's artists aren't singing and rapping about the cities where they grew up anymore. They're singing and exquisitely rapping a history of life, living, loving and everything else in between those grey areas of being human being and surviving.  
Check out "Every Song" by ATM RICHIE

ATM RICHIE Feature hit song "SOUL SEARCHING" released on July 16, 2017.

Now Here's the Exclusive Interview With

1.So tell us about You… Where did you grow up?
 I grew Up In Los Angeles , California in Baldwin Village
2.What made you decide to become an artist?"I seen my Father doing it as a child then one day it just all came together."
3.How do you handle mistakes as a performing artist? Have you ever made any? 
"I handle them very well as best as i can. The only mistake i made was losing my ex girl behind all the groupies."
4.Do you tour? Do you have plans on touring?
"Yes I have performed before with Tyga and The FiNaTTicZ for there Hit Song Dont Drop That Thun Thun Thun. And yes I plan on Touring half my life."
5.What are your current projects? 
Daily Sacrifice EP. And now working on the #Blasphemy MIXTAPE.
6.In What ways do you utilize to promote your music? 
My Current Projects are My #DailySacrifice E.P along with my Number One Single #SoulSearchin And I utilize through FacebookTwitterInstagramSnapchat,Youtube, Word Of Mouth to promote my music.
7. What promoting system works best for you?
Independent Promotion.
8.Who would you like to perform with if you could (dead or alive)? 
Migos, Future, Rich Homie, Young Thug, Yfn Lucci..
9.What would you be doing now, if you weren't making music?
Probably working a 9 to 5 or in school some where.
10.What should your fans look forward to from you in the future?
 A NEW STYLE AND WAY OF RAPPING AND MORE STORIES BEHIND MY VISUALS. I am also bring out new Artist out of Los Angeles, California and Las Vegas.

11.What new and upcoming projects should we expect From you? 
Stay tuned for my Blasphemy MIXTAPE COMING After the SUMMER and many more MUSIC VIDEOS and VISUALS.
12.Do you have any Shout Outs for anyone?
 First Off I want to thank GOD for making everything happen S/O to my Mama Wanda Washington And to my Label #AllTrapMoneyCartel and #LetMeEat and to my Camera Man Dario Hernandez
                                     End Interview...

Atm Richie apparently is a great guy, is ambitious and true to his game and willing to do what it takes, stay motivated, and putting out and producing dope music.
You can follow Atm Richie on Facebook , on Twitter, on Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. Look forward to his new releases and become a fan!  Or email at

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