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Exclusive Interview With Kasino Kash

Linda Dawkins: Underground Unsigned & Unheard Artist Exclusive Interview With 
Kasino Kash

Watch  'Everything's Good" by Kasino Kash on YouTube
    Kasino Kash is Rocking Underground hip hop and Rap music with a new sound that will get you on your feet. As busy as underground artists are in the studios these days, its hard to come up with original, unheard music. However, that doesn't seem to be a problem for this young artist, no matter how hard the struggle is. 
   It is our extreme pleasure to introduce to you Kasino Kash in his first Exclusive Interview with me. I do hope that we get to do this again in the future. Hip Hop and Rap Music has evolved and This underground artists is a ine if a kind. Being one of the first artists to step out side of the norm for rap music coming out from the south to format and produce original new beats, with great lyrics everyone can enjoy, not just the lover of rap music. 

   We sat down with Kasino Kash and asked him a few questions that we are now bringing to you today. With no further delay. 

      Exclusive Interview With Kasino Kash   

1. So tell us about You… Where did you grow up?

   "My name is Donell Lawson, I grew up in a small town called Catherine, Alabama in Wilcox County. This is where I attended Wilcox Central High School in Camden, Alabama."
   "Wilcox County is the poorest county in the state of Alabama. The people there really struggle , Some go without lights and water. This county is located in the Black Belt Region of the state and crime is at a all time high."
    "It Leads most teens down the wrong path. My story is deeper then music though, as a Kid I enjoyed Writing, Art and Reading. These are the things that kept me out of trouble. My passion for poetry grew into Songwriting, this ultimately lead to singing." 
  "The people I represent back home in Catherine have motivated and driven me to become successful as an Activist and as a Recording Artist."

2. What made you decide to become an artist?

"I decided to become an Artist at the age of 10 years old. Growing up I listened to Tupac, Biggie, Nas, Snoop, Ice Cube, Andre 3000, Big Boi and Master P. They are what fueled me to become a Recording Artist."

3. How do you handle mistakes as a performing artist? Have you ever made any?

"I'm usually the type of person that's good under pressure and grow from my mistakes."

4. Do you tour? Do you have plans on touring?

" I'm planning on going on tour after the release of my EP. "

5. What are your current projects?

"I'm working on a EP called 'Wilcox's' Last"

6. In What ways do you utilize to promote your music?

"Facebook and YouTube... when my first project is done, I'll upload it to major streaming sites like Spinrilla, itunes and Reverbnation, etc. "

7. What promoting system works best for you?

"Facebook is helping me to connect with a lot of people in the industry. "

8. Who would you like to perform with if you could (dead or alive)?

"Tupac and Biggie"

9. What would you be doing now, if you weren't making music?


10. What should your fans look forward to from you in the future?

"A feature with Da Real don Polo an artist from Jacksonville, Illinois, signed to fetty waps RGF productions label features on Dj verbal links next to blow mixtape. Great Music!"

11. What new and upcoming projects should we expect From you?

"Wilcox's last king:unexpected"

12. Do you have any Shout Outs for anyone? 

Shout Out to Da Real don Polo, RGF, Inno Future Entertainment. All of the Artist doing there thing in Alabama. My Family. My two little boys Javein and Dovani. An the Most High!"

End Interview...

     Watch Kasino Kash most recent release 
                        'Hate It Or Love It.' 

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