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Group Interview Questions From Kevin Skinner Facebook Stories

A Facebook friend of mine Kevin Skinner who has been asking a series of "thought-provoking" questions to the friends on his friend list.  He's been getting some pretty good responses with answers. I even had my turn which I have compiled a group of answers to a few of his interesting questions and topics of interest that are currently being discussed on Facebook. Answering his questions, and reading the answers that others are giving will astound you. Really get you thinking? Plus, they can fit right in here at I Am LindaDz89. Furthermore, get a lot more personal, if you want to know how I think. For Instance, first and foremost let me say that when I answer Kevin's questions, I get "WRITETIMATE" see The definition here, The intimacy of writing 
 I think about what I have done or what I'm doing. What ever worked or is working for Me that has gotten me through some tough times. Or what I would do if faced with these certain instances. Well... That's just my opinion...

The following 3 questions can be found once you click the link associated with the question.

"Can a married man have a single woman as his best friend?" (Interview by: Kevin Skinner Facebook Story)

"Nope... unless the single woman is her best friend too... they have to be really close. Or he might as well marry her his single best friend instead of his wife. Why? Because of jealousy and envy. The wife may get left out or the best friend may feel left out. You can't have em both. Lack of understanding and compromise.  Plus.... the wife SHOULD be the husbands best friend or the couple is mismatched...🤔🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♂️ just my opinion." Linda Dawkins

After A Break Up or divorce should you wait awhile or get right back out there to date again? (Interview by: Kevin Skinner Kevin Skinner Facebook Story)

   "WAIT. WAIT. WAIT... you need ME TIME...TAKE YOUR TIME ENJOY YOUR FREEDOM... If you get lonely find some kids to play with... SERIOUSLY. Being around children school aged kids, play sports or teach them games you used to play. Volunteer at a boys and girls club or organization like that... if you don't like being around kids. Volunteer at your local animal shelter. This helps with the loneliness plus keeps you active and makes you feel useful in society. 🙄❤😁 I never tried these myself, but saw your post and was thinking... I'm in the middle of a divorce right now.  I am in NO RUSH to get trapped in the same situation or anything close to it. Losing my freedom again... Right Now,  I don't have to answer to anyone, report, explain my whereabouts,  worry about what to cook, whether or not my spouse is gonna like it, worry about anyone cheating,  being abusive, taking my car without my permission, coming home late, got me worried about a nigga acting like a kid... not too anxious to get back on That track again. And since ALL men SAY that they're different from the next guy...and vice versa for women. I personally would prefer to play with REAL children or take care of animals because they don't complain.... so bottom line is you have to be insane and willing to sacrifice your happiness in order to get back into another relationship immediately after a break up...Just my opinion..." -Linda Dawkins 

"Your dating someone and you're feeling them But your friends and family don't like them so what do you do?" (Interview by Kevin Skinner Facebook Story

Sometimes your friends and family can see things in our perspectives, that we can't see, so it's always good to remain objective. Why? Because IF by chance they are right, as to NOT like the person you are dating, and have GOOD cause or good reason, that YOU, yourself, don't know about, it is easier to know and accept truths beforehand... or if the seed is already planted. Rather than to wait for  bomb to be dropped on your emotions... Plus, you ALWAYS have your family... these others, come and go... you don't want bad blood between you and your family... they ONLY interfere when they feel the need to protect... which is a #natural instinct for family and #true friends.  IT'S not my fault that I'm somewhat of an expert on family and relations... another reason my family us so close... and quite happy presently 👍😄❤... Especially since 9 times out of 10 when I DIDN'T  listen to family members, They were right... and I felt quite Stupid afterward... thinking that my #happiness was Not their business, when in actuality it was them who I cried to after my heart was broken so many times. Go figure???🤔
just my opinion." -Linda Dawkins

"Should A Adult Woman Go Through Her Man's Instagram Account To See Who He's Following And What Messages He's Leaving On Females Pic" (Interview by: Kevin Skinner Facebook Story
Nope... not at all... but she May be curious... it's Only natural, since women are the #protectors and naturally protect their own hearts by investigating on her own and Not waiting for her companion to be honest with her. However, this SHOULD tell her that he is being dishonest somewhere along the line of their relationship for her to feel that she has need to check his messages and whatnot. An agreement should be made up front... so as to avoid any sneaky business.  What type of agreement? Either He show her his friends and encourages his bae to befriend his friends as well, or Agree that personal messages online and so on and so forth, are off limits...

Just my opinion.

These were my answers to these clever questions and there are many more thought provoking questions to think about and answer if not by participating in the discussion or think to yourself or the opinions of others. You may even want to develop statistics on how many people feel a certain way about a subject. Who knows. This could be the beginning of a new trend of self evaluation and leer guidance.  The object would be to know where everyones minds are. Where they are with their thinking at that moment in time.

Hope you enjoyed reading this rather lengthy article. If you find anything interesting about the topics or the opinions given, please feel free to leave a comment. Or you can email your questions to

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