Saturday, July 1, 2017

Denise Salomon: Millennium Author With A Righteous Purpose

     Denise Salomon is a Millennium Author With A Purpose. Born and Raised in beautiful Jamaica, she has 7 years of writing experience. With 9 published and creatively written books all self-published which you can conveniently find in The Amazon Book store. Here you will find  Saving Taffy Turtle: Recycling and Protecting the Environment Made Simple which is a book about effectively teaching children the importance of recycling.  Attitude: Small Changes =Huge Success a book about facing Life with a smile everyday and Stronger Love an excellent book about forgivness, kindness, trust and patience are among a few of her masterpieces.
     All of her works are extremely affordable, very well written, bright, colorful and impressive graphics. They are written with the curious reader in mind. More importantly, the topics are trendy and give todays readers some awesome entertainment.  Not only does she write short-read books for all to enjoy, she also, writes excellent jingles for those interested in purchasing her services for their creative projects. Denise Salomon Comercial Advertisement on YouTube  .
     Denise, has profiles on LinkedIn, fiver, Twitter and Facebook. All profiles indicate that she is well versed in creative writing and she has been a majir contributor and positive voice for current environmental issues. An excellent vocalist, lyricist and trendsetter, Denise Salomon is indeed a woman of the ages.
     So far, Denise has completed 9 projects and she has held 8 positions in the creative writing industry. Check out Denise Solomon and her wonderful creativity at Fun Writings and Things.

    Be sure to follow Denise Solomon on  Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.Twitter . Furthermore, you can request original lyrics on fiver.

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