Tuesday, October 4, 2016

It Was A Dream An Empowerment Poem By: Linda Dawkins

It was a dream...

Within That moment that I stepped across thresholds and decided to give myself that day.   
To a man that tried to show me that he was capable of proving that he loved me.  I felt as though all my fears of being alone were swept away.
 Never once he gave me reason to ever doubt his love for me.  
Just continued to be that friend of mine whose friendship I can see. 
So I awoke with a smile on my face because I knew it was not real. 
That the person I was so fond of, would ever consider how I'd feel. 
To be left alone with no one there to stand firmly by my side. 
Turns out that this person gave plenty reasons to pack all my things, turn tail, and hide. 
So I thought again once more to myself, thinking this must be some cruel joke. 
That even though I stand alone just maybe what I feel is the effect of a heart that's broke.
It seems that I am well aware that there's a plan for me. 
With so much love and blessings from above, if I could let it be. 
So here I am just thankful for the person that I am.
To recieve cruel and evil treatment and Still able to say I Can.
10-04-2016 -lindadz89

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