Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Why Write On The Great Wall of China?

I read today that an NBA Player scratched his signature into the Great Wall of China. The Chinese people are now rightfully outraged as ait seems to be a gesture of ill will.

 Even though something as small as a signature can decide another's fate, it appears that some take it for granted and feel that they can "litterally" leave their "mark" on the world. NBA Player Vandalized Great Wall With Signature, Chinese People Are Outraged

Why The Great Wall?
Why the Great Wall? I don't know... The Great Wall is over a thousand years old and is the Longest and Largest Historical Landmark in the modern World. What would someone, even a famous someone, feel that it was "alright" to scribble their name on it.

As though it were a wishing well of some sort. There just so happens to be some very intriguing, interesting and sad facts regarding the Great Wall not to mention how many lives were lost in the making of this Landmark. The bottom line is that it's precious.  The NBA Player had no right to deface such an object, and he should be held accountable for degrading it's value in any means.
Who cares if he was famous. It doesn't matter because it was uncalled for... Heck, he might as well have took some spray paint to it... the damage is just that precarious and just plain stupidity.  I'm not saying that in a nice way either.

I hope that the People of China at least try not to fault All Westerners for this disaster. Some of us are empathetic towards this sort of insult like me. Sometimes apologies are Not enough...

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