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The Black Tortoise Dagger

The Black Tortoise Dagger

This dagger's handle is embellished with the Symbolic Black Tortoise. The Black Tortoise corresponds to the season of Winter. The element of the Black Tortoise is Water, and it is commonly asciociated with longevity and wisdom. Such as is generally asciociated with the tortoise.

A Western View

Most Western Stories dragons are regarded as evil, dangerous, and are considered to have "dark roles". Like breathing fire that destroys villages, cities and towns. But in China, the dragons role and symbolism has a totally different meaning. These powerful, mythical and benevolent creatures are the forebear of good tidings.

Some Interesting Facts

The dragon is one of the 12 signs of the Chinese Zodiac.
Emperors  in ancient China were attributed to being "the Sons Of Dragons"
They are symbols of Luck and Fortune
They are the Most common tattoos tatted on strong people
They don't have wings but can fly
They don't breath fire but are commonly known for causing rain
They live in the bottoms of lakes, seas, rivers, ponds etc.

Here's A Short History

Chinese people are the descendants of Yannick and Huangdi; both legendary tribal leaders. Yandi- who was born by his mother's telepathy and a Great Mysterious dragon.. Dragon meanso unrelenting and pioneering, and there are a number of Legends concerning where the dragon came from. In China, dragons can be seen on buildings, clothing, and jewelries.  

The Nine Sons of the Chinese Dragon

There are nine sons of the Chinese Dragon.  Each having their own history and story to tell. Their significances are told in stories from generation to generation. All stories having meaning and moral values once learned.
Qiuniu, Yazi, Chao Feng, Pulao, Suanni, Bixi, Pían, Fuxi, and Chiwen


There are many items and collectibles that are available for purchase online and otherwise. Having one to display is a plus in any home. The dragons relation to fengshui is  powerful and auspicious. It is a strong symbol for Yang or male energy. It is basic for traditional fengshui cures. A pearl in its claws symbolizes wealth, power, and an abundance of opportunities. 

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