Sunday, May 22, 2016

My Personal Opinion: Concerned With The State Of Humankind

Tupac said it best when asked how he feels being a rich man in this world... He said something to this effect. "I'm very uncomfortable... How can I be comfortable"?  There's No way in the world people should be starving to death when there are other people like Donald Trump sitting on $billions and trillions of dollars and comfortable in their own skin.

My opinion is... If rich people REALLY 'parted with their wealth', beginning in their own communities working 'outward', then an impact can be made.
Also stepping away from this, to something else, but has the same importance, if people would stop being 'carnal', or stop putting themselves in danger their will be no poverty...
The problem lies with the understanding that "people don't know their own value and act like animals...
Let me explain... Men and women alike behave as though they 'cannot' wait to have sex. The results of having Sexual intercourse are pregnancy. In other words, if you have sex there's a possibility of you getting pregnant. Yes men get pregnant to. When they impregnate a women that's their seed, the women carries. Only an 'idiot' would think that they didn't have anything to do with the pregnancy or blindly convince themselves that its not theirs.
Anyway, 99% of the time, its the man initiating the invitation to sex by making contact with a every girl his privacy jumps for.  Even Animals have better sense when it comes to self control.
Sex shouldn't be the priority. Shouldn't be secondary either. With sex comes much responsibility. Plus its to be shared with 'married' couples... Its not something to be 'triffled' with.

Now, I look at poor children and think to myself, " they have bad parents... People who thought only of themselves and only of their own temporary satisfaction. Whether it was consensual or not. I see that even now, with certain persons whom I have met online have confessed to me unknowingly first their intentions, (sex), and then in the very same conversation, tell me they need help or are hungry... Only After I convince them that I'm not talking to them for sex, that is... But for establishing a 'friendship'. Some are stubborn others agree and change their approach.

Nevertheless, in general, people don't have a sense of self-value. They think that all we are here for is to "live 'freely' cause its the only one you have"???   Wait a minute... Think about that for a second...  Then look at what its gotten you...  People are REALLY suffering out there and I PERSONALLY think its because of this "Live Free" bullshit. Yeah "live free, die hard" you and everyone that you're responsible for in the future. You take these too seriously, you end up with a generation of starving outcasts and prison inmates. For one reason or another...

Then desire for sex is 'over-rated' and people REALLY need to 'get a grip'. They risk the possibility of producing unwanted children which is another problem all its iwn but us a direct result of sexual intercourse. Not only poverty but death too as a result.

However, there are those that manage to maintain their dignity and raise their children to adulthood dealing with 'the struggle'. Moreover, taking matters into their own hands by taking responsibility for their actions. They manage to provide for their offspring by any means.

Yet there are Still those who give up way too soon and give their children away fearing that they cannot provide for them. Then there us that question that hovers above and never questioned... Why have sex if you are not ready to deal with the consequences. Education has nothing to do with it. Because sex is a natural basic instinct, and no matter how much you talk to, preach, divert, mention, avoid or beat it into, a person will eventually develope 'those feelings' and eventually get exposed to the culprit... So what does a person do to get around all of this? How can this put an end to poverty? How many people don't care? Who can be blamed for anothers mistakes or lack of caring about a choice made? How can one make 'the right choices' in 'todays' world.

My opinion is that if a person wants to make positive change they must First recognise the fact that you cannot make people change. You can only work on yourself and live the example you are trying to convey. No matter how hard it gets. By your example, changes can be made. No it doesn't mean give away all your accumulated wealth. You worked hard for it. But it does mean to help those that 'have no mind' to 'develope a mind'. Give them ideas to self sustain. And personally assist them as needed. Give a man some fruit you give them only temporary gratification. Teach a man to grow his own fruit, you give them permanent wealth beyond measure. Money cannot solve all woes, in fact the 'lack of' and the 'abundance of' of it does. Also, the same with sex. Sex doesn't have to be a priority in a relationship, it doesn't 'make' the relationship work nor does it complete it. In fact, it can be the main cause of suffering, starvation, sickness, disease and death. It Must be 'handled with care' and should not be a priority.

These are just a few of my thoughts and there are no beneficial answers or  immediate solutions to poverty. But I am certain that the 'disrespect' for sexual intercourse is an underlying cause for the worlds... No Humankinds poverty issues.

 If you have an opinion drop it down below. I'd like to hear what everyone thinks. Am I too harsh? Does this make sense? Do you agree or disagree?
And if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Concerned With the State of Humankind,
Linda Dawkins

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