Sunday, May 29, 2016

Why Do People Love To Travel?


     Vacation!!! When I hear that word I get this tingle of excitment that makes my heart patter. I love vacations!!! Not just to 'get out the house' either. When I go on vacation It's usually a spontaneous effort.
     So spontaneous that Its almost Never planned. I'm talking about at least a two day notice. For a decision on where to go, and to make the necessary arrangements. I'm usually gone for an average of five to seven days, and I usually take a few members of my family for company.
     Also, Its about once a year depending on what I feel like at the time the decision is made to go. Like the time I took my family to Las Vegas, Nevada. We had so much fun that we actually moved there. So we could be closer to the things that made our wonderful vacation as fun as it was.
     Yep! We moved here all right. It was the perfect place to settle and use as a "Permanent Vacation" Spot, so-to-speak. Everything a person could enjoy on a vacation is here... I suppose that We just wanted to be closer to the action.
Now, when I think about 'Our Journey', I recall all the "real" fun and the laughs that we had on our way. Both trips to Vegas from Los Angeles, California, there and back and our relocation trip to Vegas were an experience that neither I my children or husband will ever forget.
     Not everything went according to plan and there were a few inevitable mishaps that occurred that were Bound to happen. Perhaps its because we didn't really have any prime directive, meet up a plan, or an agenda. In fact, once we arrived, we split up because we all had separate interests. It was kind of hard to get organised. When it came time to leave, we had to look for each other and some of us didn't get to do what we wanted. Another reason we moved out here. In any case, it was fun nonetheless. 'Things Happen...'
     It was Really fun on our way, in between and on our way back to L.A. Who knows, where our next vacation will be. But I Do know that the time that we spent on journeys together as a family were the mist valuable and I wouldn't trade that experience for anything. The bonding was special and reinforced our relationship as a family together. ❤

"The reason why people love to travel, its not in order to reach the desitination but to enjoy the pleasures of the journey."

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