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How Do You Use Social Media? A Guide To Establishing Your Online


 "I'm not joining Facebook!" Well, that's what I exclaimed when I first was introduced to the social network. Eventually, I decided to join anyway. I didn't want to join because I thought it was a government ploy to trap people and gain access to their information. I thought of it like it was literally "The World Wide Web", so to speak. I took it literally. However, now I realize that it is an open Wilderness for business opportunity and self-sufficiency. Anyone can share their deepest most personal thoughts and opinions... 'Comment', 'Like', and 'Share'; This is the objective and is what keeps a businesses SEO, or a persons popularity with fans, or even making new friends who can be potential future business contacts. Sharing your ideas generating response from users that are interested in your opinions. Commenting, Liking and Sharing as you go throughout your day. The main objective is to Share your interests and Share and comment on others posts. But How Do You Use Social Media?

What's my purpose? Do I have a Brand yet? What message am I conveying? Are the things I have to say important? Can people relate to my opinion? How can I keep up with what's Trending in the areas of interest to me and others? 

These are just a few of the things you have got to consider when sharing on a social network. What IS your purpose? Do you have one? Most people just join a social network just to join, but they really don't have a reason why. At first it may seem like a cool thing to do and a cooler place to make friends and share some stuff. But then you will have to consider what exactly are you saying. Are you just posting your thoughts and feelings, when people see your posts do they just 'scroll' by and you don't get 'likes'. This can happen you know, and some people get discouraged from the 'lack of contact' and 'response'. Or it could have a negative impact and you begin to receive wired contacts who really don't have anything better to do but 'chat' all day. If you want to call That The World Wide Web you can. Beware of Perverts... They are Rampant.  And they take up valuable time and Space. Meaning 'your friendslists' can get filled with the wrong , that can take up space and they can Really Piss you off.

Note: You are allowed 5,000 friends on Facebook and unlimited followers. Unlike Google+ in which you can have unlimited friends, followers and contacts. 

Now that you have a General Idea of how, why and what to post, How can you maintain your account? Your answers are in the link below. 👇👇👇

Inside you will find a Social Media Strategy Template that can help you start and maintain your social media accounts.

 Having the right content can put you in a really good place! Having a good idea can make you rich or better yet give you A Purpose. But try not to 'overload' yourself. It can happen, and That's why we have Social Media Managers. They help with accounts that get 'Too Much To Handle' eg. Fan Pages for recording artists or High Profile pages for 'big businesses'. Helps with their maneuvering and with establishing actual relationships with fans, consumers and clients.

Where Do I Start?

So Where does a person start anyway? Especially if they Already have social media accounts but either neglected or let get out of hand. Well, first off you have to 'log on' to your account at least once per week. Make time for your posts. Post at least 10 interesting posts per day. That are open ended, Photos of beautiful places, business opportunities that you are curious about and trivia. Its just like medicine. Keep taking it you get better! The Next Step is to Amplify Your Content. Which you can do with This guide.

A complete insiders guide to content creation. Something All social media venture rs need now. It will help you to get a better understanding of how to attract the Right viewers and Right contacts. Contacts that are like-minded and that you don't have to struggle to gain attention from because they are looking for you and you won't have to chase them down to communicate with them. They'll come to you. 

What's the big deal about Sharing?

Ever hear that old Adage that goes "SHARING IS CARING"? Well, let me tell you now that it Is... Sharing is 60% of social media... Its how businesses advertise their business and how new recording artists get their music heard. Also how posts go viral. It gets people all over the world, literally to the "front door" of your business. How would you like to have a business with no customers or clientele? You wouldn't have a business... Moreover, you would have mo purpose for doing what you do if nobody sees or hears your work. So make sure you share your posts and the posts of your clients and potential clients also your friends and acquaintances. Commenting as necessary and as needed whenever you feel the urge. That's how to establish a presence and the first step in Marketing your Amazing Ideas and Great Content in 5 Easy Steps! Check out this 'Infographic'...

Here are some links that can help with Getting your ideas out. With these Awesome techniques, Self-Education can Still be one of the best ways to learn and That applies to social media and sharing your content and posts. 

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