Sunday, August 13, 2017

Competition vs Cooperation

How competitive are you compared to your cooperative capabilities? In completion, one is usually pitted against another in a battle of wit or brain. Sometimes leaving the loser in 2nd place.
If everything was a competition, there will be many lonely people. Because with competition comes, feuding, rivalry, conflict, fighting. However, competition may be healthy at times when considering contests, tournaments, matches, games and sporting events.

Nevertheless, in competition, one must always respect the opponent or opposition. Appreciation of the skill tactics of the other side, trying not to consider the enemy as my adversary or for, but just a mirrored reflection of myself with a different skill set.

If this is the case there is argument to reconsider the conflict of competition and reverse it to cooperation. Which is the process of working together to the same end. Which the collaborative efforts of the same would lead to joint measures of achievement. Teamwork or partnerships are much more progressive. Although the thought of a great match up is tempting to watch every now and then, but it would be all in fun and games to say the least.

Coordinating a synergism is difficult in that team members strive to be in accord with one another,  and anyone not willing to work towards achieving the same dreams of winning is not welcome to show up. ... plus no body likes a sore loser.
Which brings me back to competition... Making the decision to compete with rivals for survival or to cooperate with them for the same purpose, you have to ask the question,  would it be more tolerable to work together or to work apart?

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