Monday, April 18, 2016

BASE BOY TONE Unsigned Unheard Artist Back With New Music For 2016

     Base Boy Tone a young hip hop artist from LA with ties in Las Vegas has done it again! With his Awesome Sound and Controversial Lyrics to say the least about his music.

You're sure to start thinking if you haven't already... Thinking About the possibilities of attaining your goals, staying on your Grind and enjoying life. Check out his most recent release. 'Just A Lil Bit' ft. J&Easy.

   Taking the days... And nights as they come and practicing lessons learned. Base Boy Tone is a Genuine Artist that puts his music and music career first and at 21 years old, he's steady, ambitious and focused on his Grind, Also a Great Performer that Alone can get a audience Hyped-Out and Turned-Up.   

With a modern sound to his music, Base Boy Tone is flexible with his rhythm selections, vo als & style, which adds an Original Flavor to the mix. Listen to Base Boy Tone.

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