Thursday, April 14, 2016

TeeJah Prazee- I Cry Exposed Vocals Music Review and Exclusive Interview

   TeeJah Prazee a Gorgeous, Talented and Aspiring Entertainer and producer based in the London, England UK with roots in Jamaica WI. ‘With experience in both sides of the industry as both a performer and a producer.

She has performed in clubs in the dancehall scene and has achieved mainstream recognition on the pop circuit and cult status in the club her first professional experience was as a member of the late 1990’s R&B group’ “Fierce”.

 ‘While with the group they’re music hit the charts on the National Top 10. The group was made up of three female members, together they supported Whitney Houston, PDiddy and E 17.
After separating from the group in 2001, TeeJAH returned to writing, performing and producing’, ‘her first love’. 

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