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I Am Linda DZ 89

Hey you! You probably been wanting to know who I am... probably don't care... but that's ok. I'd rather be the one to tell my tale before someone else does anyway. So here I am, about to answer my own Exclusive Interview Questions. "This ought be great..."

Well with no further ado...

Linda Dawkins: Underground Unsigned & Unheard Artist - Self Interview...

1.So tell us about You… Where did you grow up? 
I was born in Montreal, Quebec Canada, I grew up in Los Angeles, California. My mom was from Guyana and my dad was from Jamaica. I have 2 brothers and 5 sisters, but I'm the youngest. My mom played the radio, a lot listening to 60's  classic rock music, reggae, calypso, Rhythm and Blues. My dad played the Congo or bongo drums. Both of my parents sang. My father's favorite tune was Frank Sinatra 's 'My Way'. The loved having parties and entertaining guests. Our household, or rather, the household that I like to remember is the one I mention…

Exclusive Interview With Kasino Kash

Linda Dawkins: Underground Unsigned & Unheard Artist Exclusive Interview With 
Kasino Kash

Watch  'Everything's Good" by Kasino Kash on YouTube
Kasino Kash is Rocking Underground hip hop and Rap music with a new sound that will get you on your feet. As busy as underground artists are in the studios these days, its hard to come up with original, unheard music. However, that doesn't seem to be a problem for this young artist, no matter how hard the struggle is. 

   It is our extreme pleasure to introduce to you Kasino Kash in his first Exclusive Interview with me. I do hope that we get to do this again in the future. Hip Hop and Rap Music has evolved and This underground artists is a ine if a kind. Being one of the first artists to step out side of the norm for rap music coming out from the south to format and produce original new beats, with great lyrics everyone can enjoy, not just the lover of rap music. 

   We sat down with Kasino Kash and asked him a few questions t…

A Small Look At Vocabulary Changes For The Future

As I sit here thinking about changes or the ever-growing evolutionary changes that are rapidly occurring, I can't help but to focus my attention on new vocabulary words and terms that were once used for something, are now used to refer to something altogether very different. Not having a parallel meaning or definition.
It came to my attention, when I opened some mail that I received.

     It was something common that everyone that pays bills, will get in the mail. The letter was was from my cable company. They wanted to inform me that beginning on July/6/2017,  if I exceed  my monthly data plan, they will automatically provide additional Blocks of Data for amounts from $10 per gigabyte (GB) as needed. Which is a fairly new term referring to Internet usage.

      According to the letter, I am allotted 1Terabyte or (TB) of Data per month. Which is fairly more than enough data to last the month and nit go over the limit, for me and my household, that's if its just me and my h…

Black Zodd... Underground Artist On A Mission

BlackZod, Rap artist and music producer, Hailing from Queens, New York and hailing from Jacksonville, Florida. Is no new comer to the industry and has a knack for telling it like it is period. No holds barred. His music is mystic and his beats are extremely original. A member of Maad House Marketing, Liquid Sound Artist and Gamma Records An Independent Label.

   BlackZod has been recording music professionally for a few years and has no intention of slowing down anytime soon. He has three excellent tracks in his discography his first tract entitled "Rap God", completed, mastered and released in September 2016, was is introduction to the industry.

     The tracks duration for a little over six (6) minutes and it's guaranteed to get listeners on their feet and bobbing their heads to the beat. In the beginning of the teack, he gives Shout Outs to his favorite artists, you'll have to listen to the track to see who they are. Because I'm not the one to give away tr…

Visit Timeless ❤ Beauty By Char Lexie -Business Review

It Never too late to make a change. Especially when it comes to weight loss and health care. Char Lexie, has found the perfect business to market. Focusing on weight loss,  she encourages women and those seeking s healthy lifestyle to concentrate on diet and consistency with excercise.  Because the two work together. What you put into your body counts just as much as what you put on your body.  

With this dietary plan, users have found it simple to drop off pound after pound and notice real changes in their appearances that they could appreciate. 
By combining healthy juice drinks, with healthy living practices,  most people really are seeing a difference. That inward change, radiates outwards, causing those who have tired her products to get excited about it. 
More people are dropping pounds like buckets of water. You can not only see the results, you can  really feel them too! As so many users have indicated.
Big changes in six months or less! Depending on how consistent you are. O…

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                   Part Two
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