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Black Zodd... Underground Artist On A Mission


   BlackZod, Rap artist and music producer, Hailing from Queens, New York and hailing from Jacksonville, Florida. Is no new comer to the industry and has a knack for telling it like it is period. No holds barred. His music is mystic and his beats are extremely original. A member of Maad House Marketing, Liquid Sound Artist and Gamma Records An Independent Label.

   BlackZod has been recording music professionally for a few years and has no intention of slowing down anytime soon. He has three excellent tracks in his discography his first tract entitled "Rap God", completed, mastered and released in September 2016, was is introduction to the industry.

     The tracks duration for a little over six (6) minutes and it's guaranteed to get listeners on their feet and bobbing their heads to the beat. In the beginning of the teack, he gives Shout Outs to his favorite artists, you'll have to listen to the track to see who they are. Because I'm not the one to give away trade secrets. Listener Beware... his lyrics are definitely Royal and Personally, I think his vibe is better than a lot of artists that are out there today.

    His second track, Started From The BASEment Pp's "Kick Off"... well,  I've gotta start with the hook... it's a definite hit. The track is a combination of smooth groove with a wicked beat. "...There's no moving back, and thats that...", as the song suggests, is a call to action for all artists to complete what they set out to do no matter what it takes. The track released  in February 2017 and it is a creative history of how artist are achieving their present successes, moreover, what it takes to stay up and who and how they give back to their neighborhoods.

Saving the feature for last is something new that I'm working on. Unstoppable, is dedicated to being the best. Focused on producing great music. The track's duration is a little over three (3) minutes and it's enough time to make a state. Which BlackZod has so profoundly done in thus tune. "Go ahead and do what you got to do." Is the theme of thus track. The deep rhythm paired with his articulated lyrics then fused with his vocalizing... He could sing! "I'm  unstoppable, you will see..." he exclaims in the final fee moments of the track. I'm certain that he is going a very long way with his talents.

     Especially doing the best that he can. As time passes, I am confident that we will see more productions from BlackZod because he isn't playing any games in this trade. Serious about his family, work and the many projects that he undertakes, furthermore, taking pride in the craft of writing, rapping and producing great hip hop music for all to enjoy. As you will see in his recent release entitled "Unstoppable".

Unstoppable by BlackZod 

Listen To Rap God

Listen To Kick Off by BlackZod

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